• At that age, I would be feeding them three or four times a day, depending on their level of physical development. I would also suggest a very good cat food -- premium or veterinary food rather than commercial supermarket food. Higher qualitty food has better nutrient content, so that your kittens are sure to get what they need, however many times you feed them, and you can use the guide usually printed on the package as to how much to feed them, and when. Good luck
  • There are milk supplements for kittens that can be found even at supermarkets. Any less than 4 times a day is going to leave a kitten small and underdeveloped. At least 1 ounce per feeding. It is too small to ween right now!! At about 5 weeks, wet some premium KITTEN (not cat) food in the milk supplement and let it lick at it. It will figure out soon enough to eat and not lick.
  • 1-29-2017 There is a huge section on cat food at Also a nice section on the litter box.
  • There is no such number as "fourty".

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