• Yes of course. Blood type isn't determined by gender. It's random, selected from blood types of either parents, any grandparents or great grandparents etc etc. Ergo, it's assumingly possibly for anyone's child, reguardless of tehir own, or their partner's blood type, to have any of the 8 blood types.
  • Yes they can if the mother of the child is o+ this is definaltyh possible love
  • To have blood type O+ the father's genotype must be OO, if the mother's genotype was AO, BO or OO then they can combine to have a child with genotype OO. This will give the child a blood type O, whether the child was male or female (which is random). The positive denotes the presence of a particular protein, that may be present or not. So it is possible.
  • Yes for sure. Blood type O is recessive, so the father could be type AO, and mother could be AO, BO or OO to create an O type child.
  • look here

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