• It depends on the crime and what state you are in. reading of his constitutional rights is also in question, because of his age. again, it varies from state to state. I have never questioned a child, without their parent(s) being present. the rules are different concerning a major crime, rather than a minor crime, like shoplifting.
  • Not necessarily. Depends on the state and jurisdiction that you're in.
  • No. It would be ridiculous to say that you cannot hold a 14-year old, whatever the claimed offence, just because you cannot find their parents. That would mean that you cannot hold runaways, anyone who refuses to give their parents name and address (or knowingly give a false one) or whose parents are for any reason unavailable. What about a 14-year old who has just killed his parents (it happens)? And if you are going to hold an alleged criminal, you mist inform him of his rights. Questioning is a little more complex, and it would probably be a good idea to delay it until you have made a good effort to find parents and/or get a lawyer. But even so, you cannot make a fast rule: his accomplices may be rampaging around, or there may be other victims needing help.
  • Not necessarilt the parent, but there does need to be a responsible adult in attendance & it cant be a Police officer.
  • This website gives general information. Your state will have specific law though. But for your immediate question, no. A minor may be arrested without prior notice to his parents.

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