• I wouldn't describe myself as a loner, in the typical sense. I can socialize well with others and can even be the life of the party, depending on the circumstances. But in terms of how much I give myself and to whom I give myself to, I can surely say that my social habits have remain unchanged over time. I tend to only be close to a few individuals, thrive in a one-on-one situation, and I am very loyal and sincere in these relationships. I was like this in high school, and I am still this way now!
  • In college, as my depression grew worse, I became more of a loner. That intensified with the passing years and it's a hole I'm still trying to climb out of- there will always be a part of me that wants to stay hidden.
  • I'm not positive that I fit the definition of loner. I just don't spend any time with people, prefering instead to be with my little family. But I have noticed that I can easily be alone. I love AB because I can really get into my own head and think. I never had any siblings, and was never allowed to have any friends. I had no one to talk to except the abuser, who obviously didn't want to be worried with my needs. So I lived in my head. Out of that, instrospection grew quite naturally. It served me very well all my life :)
  • Lthough I had a few friends, I consider myself a loner. I always felt I was, even when young. I think it's much worse now, because Im not working:(
  • i was an only child. i had a couple friends. i had a few adult friends. they either died, or moved away. i like to sit in front of my internet monitor. itis my friend.
  • In school, I did not have much friends. My mother refuses to let me go to the movies or the mall without her permission and its hard. I never spent time with my friends many times throughout my life. I always felt this way.
  • I go in and out of being a loner, depending on where I am in my life. I am very much a loner now. This is because I have little social life, if at all. And it's easier to cover your problems in a blanket of denial, than to face them and realize that your situation may or may not be indefinite.
  • I am a loner, i live by myself 25 miles from the nearest town. The last of my friends died last February. I haven't talked to him for 6 years. Everytime i stopped at his house he was gone. I'm too old and just don't care to look for new friends, so i'm a loner till death. I've been a loner since 1982. The most words that i say to other people might add up to 100 in a years time.
  • I like being alone, always had. Even tonight, at the ball game, an attendance of probably over 5,000 were there in a stadium that maxes out a touch over 6,000. I still like to find the seat furthest from anyone and watch the game as I am the only one there.
  • 2006, when my supposed boyfriend disappeared from my home one night while I was at work. After that, I just made the decision to never let anyone who was not related to me get that close, ever again.
  • I've always been a loner. I'm not a joiner. It may have stemmed from the fact that as a young child I was painfully shy and introverted. It didn't help that I was a good student and skipped several grades..that made me "weird" in the eyes of the others kids. I've gotten more relaxed and less self-conscious with age and I'm more open and outgoing. But at heart I am a loner..I don't join bandwagons..I am suspicious of "groups", "gangs", "political/religious affiliations". I don't believe that the majority is always right..I don't buy slogans or spin..I don't swallow/accept other people's views of right and wrong..I think for myself and I decide for myself and if that puts me off in a separate corner from everyone else, that's o.k. with me! :) ((hugs))
  • Back in my early twenty's.....
  • I have few IRL (in real life) friends. Mainly because I got sick and tired of people always disappoiunting me in the end so I stopped trying to make friends as a way of avoiding getting hurt. Another part of why I have very few friends is most of the ones I used to have keep insisting that there is something wrong with me mentally because I refuse to let go of my late fiancee's memory and move on and find another love over 3 years after her death so they are not real frieds anyway good riddance to them. I actually pity them because none of them obviously have been so inlove with someone that they were completely devastated when they lost that love either through a break up or death.I am not a robot I can't just turn my feelings for her on and off like a machine
  • when i was little i started getting apart i was really quiet and shy,i started just to watching people's actions, even when i was little i could define what was going on and how everybody tries to pull you in their directions to be a follower and then criticize if you don't fit in any circle, I'm always neutral. but my points of view are not always really good viewed, i used to doubt about my words but once i shared them with older and or wiser people i stopped, and started trusting my self. which i like, but now i just Think what I want, but Just Behave like others. i don't need to show the world anything I'm just here to learn and help if i can, not to make everybody else have a hard time if i disagree.
  • My priority is have a good fun and make people connect with have good time to. Looking for professional team. I feel like i can do it i wont to do it and im not affraid. Its make me orney to all them sexy pussies so give me a shout if u re interested with an god positive actor to feel up ur specifyed cuaries. my e mile
  • I am a loner now..I've been a loner most of my life. Mainly because my older sister is about 17 years over me, and my other sister and brothers are older than she by the time I was born, they were either grown already, or married and have moved out of our parents' home. In school(mainly middle school), I was teased a lot, for whatever reason(growing pains, I guess!), so that shunned me away from a lot of "friends" I thought I had. In high school, I got a lot better, more popular, had a popular boyfriend..but then it went back down again, because I got pregnant when I was 17, and after I had my baby, my baby became my LIFE, along with me wanting to make a "family" because that's how I was raised, the "old-fashioned" way. I had a childhood friend, but we recently have broken up, because the bitch was never a friend to begin with. I've never really been the type to go out to the "clubs" and all..I'm too paranoid for that!! So, I'm mainly a loner, I've always really been. However, I'm no stranger to entertaining people and being a good friend to people who know how to return the favor:) And YES!!! AB is a GREAT lets you know that you're not always the only that thinks "outside of the bag"!!!
  • I feel like a loner sometimes! I live in a city that does not have anything going on, even though there is a university. All my good friends live ethier two hours or more away. So, I guess it started when I moved here!
  • I was extremely friendly as akid, and made friends easily, but as ive got older, im a bit of a loner, mainly through choice, i dont find it easy to find the kind of ppl i would want to hang out with, and my addiction on here doesnt help in motivating me to hahaha, ive got 2 beautiful daughters who im very close to, but even they have to live their own lives.
  • I have been a lone ranger all my life. I always have been content in my own company. I do like being around cheerful like minded people but my own company does not scare me at all. When it comes to work or hobbies all mine are those you strive for individually. Team work has never been for me. Maybe I am missing out on a lot in life because of this attitude but I like making my own mistakes and shining in my own glory.
  • i'm 31, i was an only child in a large family of adults, i'm quiet and shy, i find it difficult to trust people, the first sign of trouble i push people away rather than get hurt. i'm a lone parent to 2 children (divorced). i used to climb the walls, couldnt go anywhere because of the kids, their father had no contact with them for years and my family offered me no support. i got used to being home with them and not going out. now i have the oppurtunity to go out, i cant, i have hardly any friends and hardly any desire. i feel very angry towards my family and my ex husband. i feel like i've been left to rot.i'm so miserable, i dont know wat to do with myself, i pray for a bus to hit me. how do i heal myself? how do i change?
  • I am 18(Hmm am I adult?) I am loner since I was born. I had very few friends in my life. People suck
  • Always been a loner since I can remember, out of choice not circumstances, so I guess It must agree with me.

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