• Yes,the ones who kill people,deserve to be die. Unless they killed for self defense.
  • I dont think anyone deserves anything. Think about what the meaning of life is, and most other deep questions' answers can be found
  • I certainly do. However, I am not the one to decide it. I have been told very clearly that I am to leave those matters alone in this life. I am not to participate in any way whatsoever. Aside from pure emotion over a particularly heinous crime, I am completely unqualified to put another person to death. The only time it would be justified is when protecting myself or my family.
  • I certainly do, but no one made me God to say, I'll take your life from you. Lulz, Metallica.
  • I sure do but it's not my call.
  • If it comes down to me and my family or you, you're going if you are trying to kill me.
  • thats a serious question..sometimes i do. When i hear a child was raped or molested i sometimes believe the person deserves to die, there r times i think he needs help..
  • I personally think that theres two sides to this question.There are some people that definetely deserve to die but as maele said, its better to let those bad people suffer instead of ending there life within a second. However, its something that i cant exactly have a say on nor can neither of us. Only god can decide which is something i belive, even if it is apparent that everyone doesnt want this person around.
  • Yes, plenty of people do. But hey I keep the following motto close to my personality!
  • Yes, some people certainly. But this is not our chocie, it is God's. However there are some poeple I believe should die.
  • Hitler deserved to die,and he did(yay)
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      He deserved a fair trial. Unfortunately, none of them received a fair trial.
  • I dunno... I've never been able to decide on that one.
  • well we all do eventually, to me i would consider it punishment by staying alive for far too long
  • I think what you are asking is: should some people have their lives taken from them for their crimes? That means: the death penalty. I believe so. Most people can be rehabilitated to some extent to make them able to live within society, but there are those who will never change and, if freed, will commit the same crime over and over again.
  • Yes. Child molesters!
  • Everybody should die, human beings are the most evil monstrosity of this naive world. if it was for me, i'll drop a bomb on us, lol... cause My hands are not clean and who says it is... IS Lying!.
  • yes all of the above.
  • Yes there are some crimes a person can commit such as torturing a child that a person gives up their rights to be treated as a human.
  • There are some who live that deserve to die, but there are also those who die that deserve life.
  • Yup. A couple in France recently beat their little girl to death and buried her body in a cement wall. Great candidates right there.
  • Every single sinner (that includes you and I) deserves to die. God (the only true and living God) will condemn the sinner for his/her sin. "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23). But thank God for Jesus the Christ that through faith in Him, the sinner (like you or I) may be declared righteous. God is the righteous judge and He will judge all for every thing that we do, think, or say. The Bible is clear that He will pardon only those whose faith is in Christ.
  • No Doubt, without Question!
  • Yeah, anyone who ever decided to kill someone just because they enjoy it.
  • Very much so! A friend of mine passed away today He was a very godd man, cared about everyone else, looked out for everyone and was there for me at my lowest moments I often wonder how good people are taken too early through such suffering as he did yet there are people who dont deserve the air they breathe
  • You betcha, and sooner rather than later. I see no need nor reason to warehouse professional predators in prison for the entirety of their lives, at everyone's expense, or even worse....give a ten year timeout, then unleash them back onto the public. No reason other than to balm the feelings of libturd idiots, and cater to their OCD-like need for moral and ethical superiority.
  • Yes I do. For example; today a news story told us about an old widow who was ordered to cook for 15 Taliban fighters. She told them she was just a poor woman and didn't have enough food to feed so many men. They beat her to death with their rifle butts in front of her daughter and grandkids, then burned her house down. I think they deserve to die
  • People who murder for hire, people who murder for fun. and people who molest and kill children, the disabled and the elderly are all eligible to die as far as I am concerned.
  • Yes, but I don't want that job.
  • Nobody deserves death. It is an ugly thing to say or think towards a person that they deserve death. Obviously some people don’t value human life but that’s their problem. There is a lot of anger and hatred in some people saying or thinking about another person deserving death. We will pass away in our own time but while alive, only bother with someone close to you who knows how to respect you and value your life. There are ugly people on the inside who wants someone else to pass away but that’s their own anger issues they are showing. When a person has done wrong to another as in a crime, they deserve to be in prison for protection
  • Although the Bible says, "Thou shalt not kill", it does allow killing to be done under the law and I agree with this from the spiritual aspect. Therefore, capital punishment is morally acceptable. Unfortunately, the system isn't perfect and some are mistakenly put to death for crimes they didn't commit. [] I don't agree that capital punishment is the right road to take. Being executed is taking the easy way out - the accused no longer has to suffer while the victim and families continue to suffer. A large number of people don't believe in God nor the hereafter, so they could care less what happens when they're gone. For these people, the possibility of execution is little or no deterrent. However, the possibility of spending the rest of their lives in prison at hard labor might just sober them up a bit.
  • they do but a life in prison is better punishment

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