• Ya know, the way this is worded made me think your testicles were stuck in your tongue ring, which would be extremely awkward. Have you tried holding the ball part still and turning the screw itself? You could also try using a small cloth with some non-stick spray on it and apply to the connection between the screw and the ball, although your saliva might work against you. If all else fails, go back to the place where you got the tongue ring and see if they can help out.
    • Crazychick
  • Jeeze, you scared me for a second yo... The metal may have become corroded in the threads of the ball. Try drinking (and swishing) some CocaCola around in there and try again yo...
  • I really do want to know how this comes out, sorry, sometimes the puns are automatic. I really would like to know how this is resolved. That's a scarry thought, to me anyway. Being a man my first thought is two pares of pliers but I suppose that's over kill; and if something should slip. Forget that. Why don't you go back to the person that did the piercing. If that does't work then maybe a dentist.
  • lol. wow i had to read that twice.lmao.try rubbing something around it like honey or something
  • wow i have one too lol so i got it the first try. if those dont work go to were u got it done. they will know and it will be no problem
  • The first time I took mine off I had to use a set of pliers to hold the bottom and use a latex glove to unscrew the top ball. You can also go back to who did it and they will change it out usually for free or like five dollars
  • what you might have to do is go to the place you got it done, for me i used needle nose plyers and a latex glove,
  • Sorry, the first sentence really caught my attention. I don't have a solution but just wanted to thank you for the best laugh of my day. +
  • I wish there was a 'FLAG FOR QUESTION OF THE DAY'
    • Crazychick
  • Left hand thread
  • Sounds painful! Lol:)

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