• I would say something. That is rude. She may not even realize that she is doing. I would kindly tell her that it bothers you that she feels she has to make negative comments everytime you say you like something.
  • Tell her that you simply adore her son. If she tells you that he makes her want to throw up, you will know she is insane.
  • Talk with your s/o maybe you both can talk to her about it
  • My mother in law is difficult too and I've found the best way to deal with this kind of situation is just to keep my words to a minmum when she is around. I try to keep busy and think of other things while she is running her mouth. She hardly shuts up long enough to let anyone say anything anyways. It took me a few years to learn this, but the less I say the less she has to argue with me about.
  • Mine used to do that too, until i started waiting for her to say that she likes something, then i would say...hey! i like that too, we have the same taste! she got the point! But i never bought anything, and tols my fiance that im never going out with her again unless you tell her to behave. now she acts like she loves me and my taste!
  • I would just laugh at her and let her suffer in her own mind. If the poor thing is so delicate, it's amazing she's still alive:-)
  • Write them down and after you've compiled a long list (which by the sound of it shouldn't take long) review it with her (and the other half). Meanwhile if she should suggest an activity or idea, check your list. I don't have to tell you what to do next yo...;)
  • Yes, you should say something. If you continue to ignore it, the behavior will continue to occur. This behavior is indicative of a deeper interpersonal or psychological problem. Discuss it with your spouse and get his/her take on it, but figure out how the two of you are going to confront your MIL about this consistently negative behavior.
  • Tell your mother-in-law how much you love her son...and see if she responds the same way :)
  • Yeah, tell her how much you love and enjoy being with her son....
  • By showing her you are upset she will probably be getting the reaction that she wants. I would just say, obviously we are very different people, and laugh it off. My Mother in Law and I were completely different types of people. Once you accept it it becomes less important and remember your husband chose you a person very unlike his Mother.
  • that is up to you, I never had a problem telling my soon to be ex mother in law to shove it, I told her last week that I will be dancing on her grave....
  • Instead you should make her say what some of her favorites are then agree with her. This way she can't disagree with you.
  • Tell her that you are so sorry that she doesn't get to enjoy these things in life as you do, what a miserable existence she must lead and would she mind awfully if you performed an MC Hammer dance move on her rug?
  • Ask her opinion before you tell her yours. Then she is stuck with what she said. Besides, she might just want to be considered. If she truly is so unpleasant that she still changes her opinion after she hears yours, just don't tell her anything.
  • If it is, indeed, "every single time", you may say to her, "You know... Every time I say I like something, you have something bad to say about it... Here's one I'm SURE you can't say anything bad about... I LOVE your son. NOW, let's hear you say how much you hate him, or how he gives you a migraine, or makes you want to throw up." And see what she says. You MAY want to warn your husband you are going to do this, and make sure HE's in the room, too. OR, you could try complimenting her on any decoration in her home - that you LIKE it. (Wouldn't it be interesting if she then said she hated it? Then you could ask her if you could have it since she hates it so much. If she agrees, then keep it stored until all of this is settled, and give it all back to her, saying you KNEW she liked this stuff, but because everything you'd liked she'd said she hated, you'd tried this, and when she SAID she hated it, asked her for them. (Be sweet about it!) Another thing would be to tell you husband what you told us, and that obviously, NOTHING you say or do will please her. You WANT to become a member of the family, as he is with yours (he is, right?), but she will not allow it. Refuse to go see her at times if she doesn't change. (Does he HEAR her say this crap and let it go? Use the "I love your son" thing next time.)
  • Tell her you like her manners.
  • Tell her you love her and give her a big hug. Then watch her reaction.
  • Women like that crave for negative feedback. Everytime she says something negative just paste on the biggest smile and say "Thats a really good idea "_____", I'll think about it" It'll shut her up pretty fast.
  • don't say anything...if she is annoying, spend less time with her...
  • She may not realize she is doing it. Have you talked to your husband about it? See if she does it with a lot of people or just with you. If it is just you, maybe ask her what she thinks first then go from there. I'm not sure how long you have been married, but if it's new, she may still be adjusting to her son being married and loving another woman.
  • Toph is the bomb, hey my inlaws are full of it too, mother in law does the same thing so I quit speaking when she's around, puts her through hell tyring to get me to say somehting she can throw in my face. its very amusing.
  • Say you hate or dislike something and see if she will contradict you on that. If so, try pretending that you dislike something that you actually like and then when she says it is good, then say you actually like it. She can't really contradict herself then without looking silly.
  • tell her you like syrup of ipecac and jack hammers in the street outside your window when you've got a hangover. i'm sorry you have to deal with this and hope you come through it o.k.

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