• Depending on the state she lives in, she could just NOT invite him to sign the birth certificate. I know in the state (commonwealth?) of Kentucky if the parents are not married, the child has "no legal father" unless certain paperwork is filled out. Your friend needs to get in touch with child and family services or an adoption attorney and find out for certain what the letter of the law is in her area.
  • Jeez, what a jerk! I'm sorry..I don't have an answer for this question as far as the right thing to do legally. But, I know if I were in the situation I would see what I could do without the jerks consent.
  • She really needs to seek an attorney's advice as soon as possible. Some attorneys will give a 30-minute consultation without charge. There may also be free legal advice (she could check her state's Bar Association or court websites and see if there's anything - otherwise, she should do an online search, "free legal help in ________" (city and state). )
  • find an adoptive family - go thru the legal ways to get his rights terminated - but if he wants to keep the baby then he has rights. but he can't make her keep the baby. if he wants the baby he has to have baby 100%.
  • im sorry but i dont feel bad for your friend at all she sound like shes screwed many guys and instead of having the child and giving up the other kids for adoption if she did not want the kid she kills it in the womb except for this one because she thinks she made a mistake the others times and wants to make up for it she probably aborted the other kids with out a second thought and keeps f***** like a prostitue she deserves her trip to hell
  • i think your friend ought to start being careful. how about shes goes to the effort of using contreception so she dosent get into this mess instead of having to hav many abortions. she dont deserve any sympathy
  • Can she leave the country? In any case, she probably needs to get legal advice. Maybe she has finally realised she can't just keep using abortion as a means of birth control. If she doesn't want kids, she should get sterilised.
  • She could just have the baby, say she doesn't know who the father is. And then put the baby up for adoption that way. Otherwise I mean he doesn't have any say so if the baby is born or not. But I would tell her to maybe contact a lawyer and pose the question and see. But I think if she says she doesn't know who the father is then she should be okay. And she needs to get the hell away from the guy. I don't have a problem with abortions, but if she wants it to be adopted then she should do it. But ask around, she needs to be educated on what her rights are. Because I know you can get an abortion and say you don't know who the father is, so I don't see how there would be much of a difference.
  • why does she care if the father takes the child if she doesn't want it? this question is so Jerry Springer!! Your friend needs therapy damn how many times does it take her to learn what she is doing to get pregnant.. tell her to have the child give it to the father, then get her tubes tied..
  • Have the baby and give it to the father who doesn't want to "sign his rights away".
  • She needs to get her tubes tied or her uterus removed or both. No way this lady should ever get pregnant again.

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