• My mom did it to me about mine, and I finally put my foot down, and told her I loved him....That I knew how she felt, but that she needed to respect me, and that my husband was no longer some thing we would discuss...Every time she tried to, I would get off the phone with her...She finally came around, and stopped, and it took lots of times of getting off the phone, but it was well worth it.
  • HE is your husband and therefor regardless of what your mom or others might think or say you need to have his back. I would tell her if she continues to do this you will not speak to her anymore. Why does she bad mouth him, and what exactly is she saying? What has he dont to create those feelngs inside her. I am assuming that she does not like him and never has.
  • If your mom cares about you, and you talk to her about it, I'm sure she'll understand!
  • The same thing happened to me. My entire family was against my husband. I finally put my foot down and told them that if they don't stop the remarks and criticism then we would move out of state and never speak again. I was dead serious because it got that bad. I love my husband so dearly, I wouldn't allow my family to talk bad about him anymore. They finally came around. It's been three years and we're going strong!
  • Tell her that it is upsetting you and causing tension. If she doesnt like your husband, that is her choice and her opinion but it is unfair of her to do this. If she gets mad, she gets mad, but don't put up with this rather childish nonsense.
  • sometimes moms are right, especially if he beats you.
  • Oh man, I walked into my wife's family and tossed everything upside down. I was apparently the first male they have ever encountered with a backbone. I was snubbed a lot and my mother in law basically pretended that I didn't exist for probably ten years, but then finally one day she needed help and found out that males with backbones are very helpful. Since then, things have been better. You just have to be firm, like all the other people have told you. This trash talking has nothing to do with your husband, it's just a reflection of their insecurities. They have serious competition for your attention.
  • Tell her it hurts you to have her say mean things about someone you love.
  • Tell her to please not do that as it really hurts you for her to bad mouth him and she is not hurting him, but you.
  • Sometimes you just have to not be afraid to make somebody mad. If what they are doing is inappropriate, tell them to stop, that you won't accept that behavior. If they get mad, that is their problem.
  • Ask her to stop.If she's not ok with your hubby,it's better not to communicate.
  • its not my problem, what do you want me to say
  • Fake the sound of a recorded voice at the begining of the conversation: "All incoming calls are recorded for your protection. Thank you. You may now proceed." :-) Or..."Dad, it's for you!"
  • ok this is what i would do, "get the fuck outta my business you bitch, who the fuck gives you the right to talk about him that way?? i love him and thats all that matters, so get out of it you selfish undeserving twat"

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