• I loved the movie, and have been considering it ever since I first saw it.
  • I plan to write mine this coming weekend.
  • I considered it today because I watched the movie. Great movie, btw. :)
  • No, and that movie was subpar.
  • No, I can say I have.
  • No, it would just get lost in the act of living. I always lose my lists.
  • Haven't seen the film yet, but I get the concept of a bucket list. Guess it would be better if we lived our priorities more as a way of living vs having to create a list of "to do" items. Actually, my fear would be to "get it" re: things I want on such a list .. so late in the scheme of things I no longer have the physical ability to pull them off! Yikes!! So if working on a bucket list acts as a catalyst to even start the process of asking decent questions - then coming up with life priorities - making better more authentic choices? Sure. Bring it on. :) If there's no imminent death coming, then it could be the start of a way of living vs an end game list. I was in the hospital earlier this year. Nine days. It reinforced that "life is too short" idea .. and certainly was a reminder NOT to live life "by default".
  • No, what is a bucket list?
  • Whenever I write a list of any kind I find myself on the bottom of it if the list is too long. As for a bucket list there are far too many things that would outlast a lifetime and leave me feeling overwhelmed.
  • I would need a lot of white out! Mine would change everyday! I guess I keep somewhat of a mental bucket list.
  • Apparently you mean like the movie, when you know your days are numbered.... No, too much hassle, just a long ride into the sunset for me!
  • Not at all. My life has been full of tasks to accomplish, lists of things to do, projects that needed that I'm retired I sure as heck am not going to set up yet another list of things to do..I go with the flow..don't watch the clock..take life as it what I want when I want or not! Happy Friday! :)
  • The thing is you never know when you're going to kick the bucket, so you have to live everyday doing the things on your bucket list for it to be meaningful. Right? I haven't seen the movie but really want to.
  • Me personally, I have issue with writing a simple shopping list. To pressure meself into trying to make certain I've done all and seen all I hope to accomplish before the final curtain is far too daunting of a task, to even begin to prioritize. But things like that Morgan Freeman/Jack Nicholson movie and the following video do help us to remember what is truly important in life at times...
  • Too late.
  • no i dont like to make plans anymore, i just live for the day.

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