• Visit Mt. Rushmore.
    • lavender
      You must. It's quite amazing to see in person.
    • Iron Mask
      There is supposed to be a fallout bunker built inside one of the heads.
    • lavender
      Oh wow, I didn't know that. Interesting. My family is from that area, and I always thought I "knew it all" but yeah, that I didn't know. Wow.
    • Linda Joy
      Its not a fallout bunker. There is a tunnel that leads to a chamber with a vault in it that holds some documents. The door is beside Lincoln's head. Its closed to the public. I saw Mt. Rushmore when I was about 12.
    • Iron Mask
      Hollywood exagerated the room for several movie plots.
  • dont have one yet
    • lavender
      I indicated, IF any. IF
  • Zip line, skydive, bungee jump, sing backup in Vegas.
    • Iron Mask
      Did zip-line (found it boring), Skydived many times which was major fun- but expensive. Bungee jumping is too dangerous even for me.

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