• Never. I refuse to have my kids start the day on a sugar high just to have them crash a little while later.
  • My son LOVES Lucky Charms, but since he is 35 years old, I pretty much let him eat what he wants to!!
  • No I never did and would not allow him to drink coke or sodas either.
  • are you saying there is something wrong with eating kellogs sugar flosted flakes in the morning for breakfast? is that your game? i am not going to listen to this kind of crap. like father like son. we eat the same, and if there is still any milk in the refigerator then we can expect to be eating a big bowl of tony the tiger's special treat, sugar frosted flakes. i know they make my day. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  • She gets one small bowl of "junk" cereal on Saturday morning. A box of Lucky Charms will last 2 months.
  • Every now and then I do...
  • Love still eats things like chocolate lucky charms. My mom clearly had the right idea, and there was a specific sugar-per-serving limit on cereal we could eat. It was fairly low, I think, I don't think we got frosted flakes but we did get raisin bran, for example. Multi-grain Cheerios always seemed sweet to me, and we ate it like we were getting away with secret sugary cereal. I'm sure Mom was thrilled.
  • from time to time, although they don't generally ask for it...
  • I dont have kids but my sisters let there kids eat it sure theres no harm its better than nothing!
  • Yes i do, why do u ask?
  • NO, my kids dont eat anything for breakfast.... mainly because I dont have any...ha ha tricked you.
  • Hm.. not the most unhealthy and sugar rich cereals. It sucks to be a fat kid, so I would do what I can to avoid that would happen to him/her (note, I don't have any kids..)
  • Yes, there's nothing wrong with sugar yo...
  • Are you kidding me.... there is no surgary cereals out there like I used to eat as a kid. Even the cereals with the same name are different with way less sugar. I don't see a problem with it. I let my little one eat what for breakfast and encourage him to try new things. As long as it does not impact his behavior and he brushes his teeth afterwards, I am ok with it.
  • yeah .. why not let them enjoy the joy of life!!!
  • she eats Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks and washes em down with Pop tarts...........
  • If he can beat me to the Cap'n Crunch then he can have a small bowl.I usually solve this problem by eating the entire box at one sitting(at night when he is asleep). It causes alot of fights so now I just dont buy it.Once in a while I will buy Corn Flakes but since he is allergic to milk,he is a pancake guy.(I let him use water for milk substitute)
  • If and when I purchase such cereals, like my daughter LOVES Reese's Puffs, she usually gets the first bowl and then my husband polishes off the rest. It's funny, the box could be in the cupboard for a month and he'd NEVER open it but it's open, its fair game (according to him). Needless to say, I stopped buying them. Now, the only cereals you'll find in our cabinet at all times is Cheerios and Frosted Mini Wheats - sometimes regular, sometimes strawberry - and oatmeal.

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