• You would be charged with theft of course. If you have an urge to steal things, you should seek out help, or you will end up in jail.
  • punishment was administered at the time of feeling guiltand this is probably why you did not steal it, either that or you are on a human camera and they want revenge... you decide!
  • the offense would be for stealing and for the punishment I don't say you'd go to jail cause you didn't even steal it.. so maybe they just warn you not to do anything like it but if you did, jail is the punishment.
  • You're right - it was stupid. But I'm not here to berate you. Sometimes a store will not prosecute if you pay for what you damaged (I won't tell you which one does this). It costs a lot to prosecute. They'd rather just call it even and ban you from ever coming back. That's what I would do, too. That being said, some stores (and I am not going to tell you which ones) will and DO prosecute to the fullest extent of the law....and I have seen it happen with items costing LESS than $8.00, such as a tube of lip gloss. So my question to you would be: is really worth the risk??
  • Whatever it would be it could be permanently on your record and stop you from getting certain jobs or military service.
  • My husband is in law-enforcement and he sees a lot of this type of thing. He stated that it's commonly minors who damage merchandise and leave the premises (usually because they were frightened off by an employee). Depending on which city and state and/or store, generally an item under $20 will only get you on what they call a "Most Wanted List". If you set foot in the store and attempt the same behavior, watch out...because now they have prior bad acts documented and have reason to prosecute. Punishment, like the offense, differs with municipality. You could be looking at, for a minor, a $100 fine for restitution and cost of goods and as an adult, first offense, $250 fine and COGs.
  • Damaging the package, in and of itself, I would THINK would ba AT LEAST vandalism. And since the product cannot be sold as is any more, theft. If you have left the store with the item, it would DEFINITELY be shoplifting. AND, you are most-likely on store surveilance video (and your picture posted) so they will keep MUCH closer track of you next time you enter the store. If you do anything then, you could be banned forever. I don't know punishments (may differ per locality), but with ANY of the above (vandalism, theft, shoplifting) on your record, you will find it hard to get a job where you MUST be trusted.
  • In my state, the charge would be criminal damaging, a second degree misdemeanor.

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