• Ok as i understand your problem you have to develop an online software, there are a lot of topics and ideas for online applications you can chose web job portal. Easy to develope.
  • Hi, First you have to be clear what you want do exactly that means your objective must be clear. And then what are the possible ways to do. Then choose a right one and go a head. ok If u want to do a site in then i will help you. I have 2+ years exp. in
  • Perhaps you are going about this the wrong way. First think of the idea and then decide on what tools you want to use to build it. Otherwise, it's like standing there with a hammer, nails, and lumber, and saying, I want to build something, I just don't know what it is yet.
  • If you are doing a thesis and have no idea what you want to investigate then you probably shouldn't be doing a thesis to begin with.
  • search the jon market, you'll see what is needed. site owner
  • MJ_ITSTUDENT, i sure do, a decent operating system thats user freindly, secure, reliable and most importantly, affordale for third world countries.
  • Hi MJ_ITStudent, I'm a senior consultant at a software engineering company and we use technologies such as .Net 3.5 Visual Studio 2008, Sharepoint, Silverlight, WPF. So if your're interested in writing a relay interesting thesis think about where technology is heading as far as hardware is concerned (multi processing) Intel is developing CPU's with multiple cores 8 and upcoming prototypes have 100 cores!, think about how to best harness all the power in a multi core system. Then think about how best to develop software to do so, for example .Net 4.0 contains features for multi processing environments. As an example how to create a ASP.NET 4.0 IIS web site that harnesses multiple CPU cores to handle a high volume of transactions.

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