• Give me CODE!!!!! Chances are, there was an object required.
  • Here is the code: Dim pos As Integer Private Sub cmdStart_Click() pos = 100 If cmdStart.Caption = "Start" Then cmdStart.Caption = "Stop" tmrSpeed.Enabled = True Else cmdStart.Caption = "Start" tmrSpeed.Enabled = False End If End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() Form1.Picture = LoadPicture ("C:UsersNay'sPicturesbackground.jpg") tmrSpeed.Interval = 50 tmrSpeed.Enabled = False imgTruck.Top = 2500 End Sub Private Sub tmrSpeed_Timer() imgTruck.Left = pos imgTruck.Picture = LoadPicture "C:UsersNay'sPicturestruck.jpg") pos = pos + 30 End Sub Our teacher gave us the code in class so it's suppose to work. Oh and how do you get something to print in a label as a caption cause it keeps putting the text in the top left hand corner or not even printing it?
  • You may find the answer here. This tutorial has lessons about error handling in Visual Basic 6.0.
  • I tried your code. Is working fine with me. So Problem you might have 1. Might be missing Timer or Image Control 2. If they both are on Form, May be their IDs / Names has to be: Timer Control should be named as - tmrSpeed And Image Control should be - imgTruck

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