• This is a participatory/interactive site h.j. There are questions, answers, comments and then comments to those comments and so on. It is not a cut-and-dried question/answer "that's it jack, that's all you get" place to hang out. Maybe there are such places..I would not be interested in that. That would be far too boring for me. You would never find out who people find that out by engaging in sometimes lengthy conversations with them..on threads that may go forever and may attract others who find them interesting. This, of course, represents my opinion and only my opinion. I do not speak for others.
  • I do like comment threads very much. In fact, I would find AB a very tedious place WITHOUT them.
  • The comment threads are where the fun starts! That is where you can meet up with friends to say hi or start something up. If there were no comment threads I would get bored fast here.
  • Oh I love comment threads ! For me , ABing would be pretty boring without them :) !
  • Does it mean anything that I just read through all the answers so far "and" all the comment threads? LOL I'm new enough here that I finally figured out I had to click to "see" a full comment thread. (Hey, we all live and learn). --- Anyway, I enjoy the journey as much as the destination if not more. Love the comment threads so we can interact with each other. :)
  • I enjoy the threads. I like the conversation.
  • I think they are nice. You can add positive feedback with instead of just points.
  • Someone told me once that comment threads are trouble, and I'm beginning to understand why.
  • I love comment threads, that is where I chat with all my friends!
  • Most of the time i like it very much. That is where some of the most fun and learning happens. I don't find it tedious ever. This place is like a party and if you talk to someone and they ask you a question, well, one leads to another and they may want clarification or then you go off on another subject. That's what comment threads are to me.
  • I thoroughly enjoy them. I do enjoy a good chat from time to time.

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