• USMC Re-up code RE-3F is Erroneous Enlistment; you were allowed to enlist when you were not supposed to. MEPS screwed up by the numbers but Uncle Sam's Misguided Children have corrected that error and you will *not* be allowed to enlist in the USMC/Navy again unless you can get some serious Congressional power on your side to lean on them. I doubt it, though. Ear gauges are seriously incompatable with the appearance standards of all the military services and are not 100% in line with most civilian career field appearance standards. I'm sure you knew this before getting the gauges put it. It may have been a factor in deciding to go ahead with it and is just something you will have to live with. Perhaps you can get them taken out and have a plastic surgeon repair your lobes to a conventional appearance? Of course, this is assuming you still have the fire to be a Marine.
  • What are "ear guages"?
  • I think you were sent home because you can't seem to make a coherent sentence! Do you have a least a GED? What does 'a had and ear gauges mean'?

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