• If you even suspect him of cheating, it shows that you don't trust him, and trust is THE basis of a good relationship. Is there a previous reason for you to not trust him? Or her? Just because her husband is in jail, doesn't mean she doesn't value her marriage vows. You should really address your insecurity issues before you accuse.
  • well if you dont trust him....why is he your boyfriend?
  • No, it doesn't. Just learn to trust your boyfriend. Unless he's leaving at three in the morning to spend time with her. Or, if he's coming home at three in the morning from her house. Or if you know, he smells like sex and perfume when he comes back from her house, you have no reason to suspect him of cheating.
  • Why don't you speak to him about it and express your concerns in a calm, reasonable fashion. His response may surprise (i.e. he may take your feelings into consideration and back off a little from his friend). Do not act jealous and bitter, as this will only push him away. In the end, if you find his behavior unnacceptable, you should leave him and find someone you feel more comfortable with.

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