• Once you have received written permission of the landlord, and given 30 days notice, you have 30 days to move out. Ideally, the 30 days notice and the written permission should both start at the same time. Transfer of tenant means a new tenant agrees to either take over the remainder of your lease, or to sign a new lease. Most landlords like new leases better, because they can raise the rent on the new tenant.
  • so she could not really charge me or anything, i don't see anything about that, thats all thats on the agreement, i mean if she tried the army is kinda strict on the whole soilders living in unsafe enviorments and if ive found somewhere better my sgd ldrs want me to try it , so basically if there isnt anything saying she would take me to small claims court or anything im ok i know i might just have to pay the months rent thats all i hope to do
  • Just as stated. Break that lease and you will be responsible for all the rent until the end of contract. At least until he rents it to someone else. But he doesn't have to if he chooses not.

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