• Whenever you are comfortable with it. The sooner the better though, because they are going to find out eventually anyway, right? :)
  • the day after you move out on your own. No offense but you are 21, you should be out there either working and supporting yourself or getting a better education instead of having sex without taking precautions to pregnancy. Obviously you live with his parents because neither of you can afford to live on your own and apparently you are both too immature to handle the responsibility of being adults enough to do so, and now you have the responsibility of a child coming and you can't even provide for it, now the 2 people who let you into their house and showed you charity you dump a major decission on, now they have to either kick you out and look like assholes for kicking you guys out or let you stay and have yet ANOTHER person to possibly provide for. You ever think they might love you guys but would one day like some privacy and have their home back again? You ever think they might not want to have to raise yet another kid? You think they want to have to hear a baby crting at 3 in the morning? They already raised a kid, they should be enjoying life and if there's grandkids they should be doing fun stuff with them, not having to provide for them. In my opinion you guys should have had an abortion, learned a lesson, went out there and got better jobs or jobs or something to get self-sufficient, but at 8 weeks I am not sure if you can do that, so I guess the baby is coming and will be yet another child of the system or a burden to parents... grow up, if you can't afford to live on your own and you are not responsible enough to do so what makes you think a child is going to make it any easier? Now you have a responsibility to this child it shouldn't be one your bf's parents should have to raise.
  • Soon, very soon - don't let them guess and certainly don't wait until it's obvious. You need to determine very soon how this is going to work out because if you will no longer be welcome to live there you have some tough decisions to make - good luck.
  • I had my children at 17 and 19, both to my fiance and we support ourselves financially and are responsible for our family. Try to tell them as soon as possible, but before that, try and get together some solid plans so they don't panic about your futures. My parents freaked out (understandably) & my grandparents asked me to have an abortion but now the whole family is very proud of us and how well we cope. Good luck and congratulations x
  • i would just tell them sooner the better who knows there reactions might shock ya!
  • When you both agree the timing is right. But since you're 21 years old this is not a teenage pregnacy, however.
  • Afraid I have to agree with most of the comments from Binary's answer. At 21, and still living with mom and dad, you both are not ready to be parents, not even close, IMHO. What college(s) are you both attending? Do you have jobs that will enable you to raise children? Do you have health insurance? The list goes on and on. I suggest an abortion at this time AND the use of BIRTH CONTROL in the future.
  • I don't agree with a lot said but I do agree that you should tell them the day after you move out. 21 and living with his parents?? Time to grow up sweetheart, your the mom now, not the baby.
  • Better late then never I suppose.
  • I don't necessarily agree with having an abortion. And since you are living with your boyfriend's parents it shouldn't come as a complete surprise to them that you've been having sex and potentially could become pregnant. You and your boyfriend need to tell them that you need to talk with them when they are both available. It will be very uncomfortable I'm sure, but you'll get through it together. But I do think it's time you move out and become responsible parents to this child.
  • Tell his parents when you both are together. Tell his parents when everyone is in a good, fun-loving mood. Timing is everything. From a great-grandfathers point of view, your news will not be that surprising to his parents. After all, what else can you expect when you two are living together? It just happens. Be prepared. Be prepared by making an outline for the future of the baby and your relationship. take time and make a written diagram of whats to come. have something in black and white to present to his parents. that both of you are responsible people and both are going to be good parents to their grandchild. It will hurt them for a while, but they will finally realize that its going to happen and to accept it. This is not new. it happens everyday.
  • I feel like you are a young adult, you are mature enough to handle your situation in whatever way you feel is best for both you and your don't listen to everyone elses comments about what they think you should do in terms of having the baby or not. If having this baby is what you want than I know you and your boyfriend will figure things out. But you should definetly sit down you and your boyfriend and tell his parents as soon as possible. Since you are 21 and planning on having a baby...I think you need to handle this situation as maturly as possible. I don't know how close you are with his family, but maybe its a good idea to sit down and figure out a budget, and maybe start looking at some places that you guys could afford together...and when the time comes let his parents know that you have been looking so they know that you guys can handle this situation....maybe they will offer to let you guys stay their to help you out. GOOD LUCK!
  • I've just learned that my 21 year old daughter is also 8 weeks pregnant. She is living at home and is still depending on us for her tuition, health insurance and allowance. Her boyfriend is in the same situation. Just because you're 21 does not make you an adult. I'm advising my daughter to get an abortion as she does not have the where withall to take care of a baby. She is thinking it over, but in the mean time I am taking away her allowance (and who knows if she will finish college). This is a child that will need constant care and attention, something that I know my daughter does not fully comprehend. I've taken care of all the pets she brought home, but this is not a pet that you can play with every once in a while then leave it at home when you need to tend to your social life. You 21 year olds have no clue what you're in for!

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