• No. They might have taken England, but by the time they were midway into France their supply lines were over-extended. It would have been a matter of time before they were economically crippled. Meanwhile, the United States was completely safe at home (except Pearl Harbor). Hitler was too psychologically instable to last any longer than he did. And if he didn't attack Russia, they would have counter-attacked and kept Germany battling on two fronts.
  • That's a very good question. However, I would definately say no. If operation Barbarosa didn't take place, Hitler would have had many more divisions to deploy in western Europe. This would have made the western front impenetrable, and the Allied invasion of Normandy would have been inconceivable. On the other hand, with the United State's development of the first nuclear weapons, it would have been a matter of time before Germany got bombed and forced into an unconditional surender without any succesful land invasion just as Japan had.
  • Stalin was planning to attack Hitler when Hitler attacked the USSR. This is one reason why the Soviet army did so poorly--their tanks were armored for offense and speed rather than defense (my friend's father was a Soviet tank commander in the war) and couldn't resist Hitler's Panzer divisions. In any case, Hitler should have done whatever he had to do to bring Japan into the war against the USSR because it was the Far East divisions Stalin was able to bring to his Western front that turned the tide. And that was the beginning of the end for Uncle Adolph.
  • I was told by my history teacher that if Hitler would have attacked the Middle East instead of Russia he would have won. For the same reason that the middle east is such a hot bed right now. OIL Edit: I meant instead of attacking Russia. I didn't say I agreed or disagreed I am saying that is what we were taught. My teacher said who ever controls the entire Middle East as the power to control the world. I believe but I am not positive that Germany turned against the USSR first.
  • As a Russian I tell you, that our people stopped Hitler and his army with our bodies of more than 27 millions of people....We needed that victory and were ready to pay for it everything, and paid........
  • If Hitler did not have attack Russia he would have avoided a two front war and the 1939 pact with Russia would have been honored, You have to understand that the scope and magnitude of Hitlers army could not stand idle for any length of time, for the old saying "time is money" if Hitler opted to not go to war with Russia when it did would then have to go to Total war with England and that is not what Hitler wanted for one Hitler envisioned an Anglo Saxxon merger. Hitler seen England as a potential ally, and seen a total shift in the War that would see the West going to war with Russia "as noted in Mein Kampf" Hitler seen England joining the idealogical war against Russia. In answer to your query the germans (hitler) were deluded in thinking that there could be a negotiated peace with the western allies and they would go to war against the soviet union, this belief was held fast right up to the end, german pilots thought that once germany had surrendered that they would fly their jets with US markings and fly against russia. Alot of germans believed this to be true. To some degree this was true with doctors physists and the weapons makers these german scientists were rounded up and sent back to the USA to build weapons of mass destruction and so begins the fight against the russian communisim the cold war begins. If Patten had his way the war with russia would begin and the war with russia would drag on. This did not happen the way people thought but Patten was right in theororizing that the west would sooner or later have to fight the russians and the time was right beacause the american troops were in europe and the russians were tired and they did not have the atomic bomb. I must make a note this is not my opinion this is a fact and for Patten saying such things would invairiably dismiss Patten for such remarks regarding the russians
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  • without doubt!...but he made the same basic mistake as ALL fools who want to rule the war did ...started a second front and divided his forces and stretched them to breaking point...he had England by the balls ...all he had to do was starve them out , and the yanks?...they would have sat back and done zip...because none of this would have had any direct effects on them and they would have happily traded with Germany and made even more money than they did out of the European allies than they already had
  • All of you forget one thing which is winter in 1941. The coldest ever in past 60 yrs in Russia. negative 35'centigrade is the temperature there at that time.I saw a t.v program in 1994 that before Operation Barbarossa (The German invasion over Russia)Hitler asked a question with an astrologer that this invasion is correct or wrong. The astrologer said to Hitler that "not in this year but if you attack next year then you will win this war" but Hitler refuses and said "I am in a Hurry" and then he ordered to attack over Russia.As a Muslim i dont beleive upon astrology but the winter of 1941 was also an enemy of Hitler and his German troops.Stalingrad saved because of this.The OIL gammed because of the minus 35 temperature. Tanks and machines cant be moved. The Germans did not expect this and then the Counter Offensive by Russians break there Army.No doubt the Russians gave their life to defend their country but there is also a matter of Luck. Hitler preparations was complete but they never expect the winter like this as Germans faced in December 1941.This is the main reason behind German defeat. Obviously Hitler will win this war against Allied forces if he did not invaded Russia.He can block Britain very easily. Deployed more troops to North Africa to Erwin Rommel.He can reach to middle east. I also studied and research about Hitler Future preparations that he plan to Govern Europe lonely and He wants to end this war in this manner that America and Russia except Hitler as single leader of the United Europe. Actually Hitler also wants OIL for His Forces.He needs more OIL to strengthen His army then he see the Russian Oil Field is very near and Ha can easily capture it So he decided that without any more wastage of time its very easy and suitable to capture Russian OIL reserve which is very near to Stalingrad City.which is also a very well established Industrial City. But Despite of all Hitler preparations,his gr8 mechanized German Army and Airforce, The total 55 lakhs of Forces used in Operation Barbarossa by German, Romania,Finland,Italy,Hungary,Slovakia and Croatia they were defeated By Russians beacuse of winter. No doubt the Russians fought very well but the winter plays a very important role which is that Russians have more time for Counter Offensive. Syed Rehan Mahfooz Karachi Pakistan
  • Probably not. If USA could take down Japan with so minimal help from other nations, USA could also have taken out Germany with little help from other nations.
  • Very good question, its hard to say how Russia would have reacted. They might have stood by since they were not attacked, they might have joined the Axis, or they might have declared war on Germany anyway. the reason he did attack them was because they were his largest threat and he wasnt going to take a chance like that.
  • America would have kicked nazi ass either way.
  • It was not in the interest of those controlling the war for Hitler to win. Those with the money supplies accomplished what they wanted then cut of Hitlers money sources and Hitler sufficated under a sea of worthless money! This is a story too long to put here but is based of fact. Dealing with the Federal Reserve, the Rothchilds and the Warburgs.
  • If germany didn't attack Russia AND Japan didn't bomb Pearl Harbor they would have had a better run for the money
  • Yes through attrition, many more people would have died and we probably would have dropped A bombs on Germany too.
  • I believe that had the Nazi did not have to focus on Russia things would turn out differently. I believe Europe would have been over run by Nazi rule. I dont believe the United States would have had the whole burden of the war.I believe we still would have won but I also would have broke us as well .Europe mostly likely would have been a third world and the Untied Stated mostly likely would been weaker and not number 1 that it is today. That just my opinion.
  • Good question. Very possibly. You would think he would have learned from WWI. That's what cost the Kaiser then.
  • This is one of the worst decision of the Axis. The German soldiers can't handled the Russian cold climate. Along the Pearl Harbor attack, this is surely a turning point. I can't say if they wins with changes to that decision.. but if they were enemies at the end, the U.S.S.R. don't walk on Berlin in May 2nd 1945. More War = More Deaths!
  • No. Perhaps the Nazis would have retained some political power and some territory, but I still doubt it. Reason: once Hitler expands his territory, his resources are stretched thin. He cannot maintain an offensive indefinitely. If he's not on offense, then he's on defense, and in WWII being on defense means you're losing. The Allies would have still defeated Italy and Japan, and probably would have had air superiority in Europe. The big X-factor is what does Russia do in the war if not attacked? Perhaps they go on the offensive? Against who? Aligned with who? That's difficult to say.
  • No USA would of use the Atom bomb on him instead of Horoshima, I doubt Japan would of attacked pearl harbour after that.
  • I think this was never ever in the plans of Hitler. He required "Lebensraum Ost" with access to the Caspian Sea and thus access to oil. He saw the world ruled by the British on sea and he accepted their empire, the Americans with their vast territories and expanding economy in the West, The Japanese in the East and Far East and the Germans as a continental European power that had defeated communism. Although I might disagree on some points that were made earlier, the greatest and most tragic factor is the holocaust - yet this is another topic. There is no question whatsoever that Hitler planned to invade Russia from the onset. History is written by those who win a war and many topics are still viewed from the US, British and Russian perspective. The French had essentially surrendered and their impact on the outcome was late and came at a time Rommel was defeated in North Africa. Not to mention that over 150,000 French soldiers were fighting on the German side and many thousands of them defended Berlin in the last days of the war. Britain was the war devil and forced the World into a second World War, not Germany. The Chamberlain tactics did not play out, after Hitler invaded Prague, diplomacy turned against Chamberlain right into the hands of Churchill, an overestimated war hog - Britain or rather the "Empire" could not accept a strong, united German continental force by all means. Although it is true that Hitler thought about Britain as a potential ally against Russia, the British once Churchill was in power had no interest in making any concessions to Germany. Against their former commitments to politically support Germany in their desire to win back Danzig and the corridor, their policy changed and they granted Polish Beck a guaranteed alliance if Hitler would enter a war against Poland. Beck played a decisive role in the evolution of the rapidly deteriorating political situation in Europe during the months preceding the start of the Second World War, through his refusal of Germany's proposal concerning the Free City of Danzig (now GdaÅ„sk, Poland) and for a German extraterritorial highway to run across Polish Pomorze (Pomerania) to East Prussia, two concessions on Poland's part which would be compensated through the extension of the 1934 nonaggression pact for a period of 25 years, the inclusion of Poland in the Anti-Comintern Pact directed against the Soviet Union, and a formal guarantee of the country's borders. If otherwise this defiant Polish nationalist (who had German ancestors) had accepted Germany's offer to give back Danzig while still economically and politically controlling the rest of former German territories, the subsequent (World)war - with possible Polish participation on the German side would have been ended much faster. Traditionally the Polish very much disliked the Russians and they rather preferred an alliance with Germans not so Beck as he thought of the Polish army to be invincible and felt even stronger after the British offered him total protection. When Germany finally invaded Poland, there was no single British or for that matter French soldier who put his feet on Polish land to defend them. In any event, if Germany would have attacked Russia in 1939 they would have defeated Russia by 1941 latest, the additional delay and subsequently the two front war against France AND Russia and the rest of the world would have been avoided. The descriptions you hear now that Hitler was a lunatic is only partially of any substance - by 1939 he got most of the pre-Versailles territories back without shooting a single bullet. The US played the Hitler card for a very long time as the Germans were seen as the only power that can defeat communism which spread across Europe and the rest of the world and communism was seen as an enemy of democracy and free markets that needs to be defeated. The same powers that were in place back then - the financial players, many of them Jews, supported Hitler for a long time - and truth be told, The US supplied Germany deep into the war with essential raw materials they needed for their industrial war material production. At the end Britain lost the Empire, The US won superpower status and the world was for the next 54 years involved in a cold war that under Putin rears its ugly head once more again.....and who knows what would be the world like if Germany had succeeded in becoming a continental leader and world power?
  • I totally agree with the answer provided by Anonymous October 19. History is indeed written by the victors and had Hitler attacked Russia earlier in 1939 we would of all grown up reading how Hitler saved the world from communism. There were many Brits and Americans who actually supported Germany's war against Russia. In fact, prior to Pearl Harbor, public sentiment in the U.S. was sharply divided with many Americans that had German ancestry supporting the German war against the Soviets. As for Great Britain, anyone who has seriously studied the facts leading up to and surrounding WW II would have to acknowledge that GB simply did not like having Germany compete with them as a European world power. In this regard, throughout history the Brits have had a rather hypocritical approach to empire building (e.g. -it's ok for us to do it, but nobody else better dare try). BTW, Anonymous October 19, may I ask where did you read or learn about the Polish Beck's role in the war and how financier's turned on Hitler ? I really enjoy reading history from non-traditional sources (and considering the other guy's view).
  • ..yes i was such power..and he could have had it..but he wanted it ALL for himself..and it didn't work out for him

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