• I have never heard that one. I always hear the stereotype about bad female drivers. I have never heard about a high Asian accident rate either.
  • I'll start by saying I have absolutely no facts to back this up but over here in New Zealand we do have alot of accidents on our roads with Asians involved. From what I have seen of Asians driving around ChCh, alot do not really pay attention to who else is on the roads. There is little (if any) indication when turning and it seems to me the smaller the person in stature, the larger the car they want to drive and can't actually see over the steering wheel and end up in alot of fender benders with them at fault. On the highways they tend to drive WELL UNDER the speed limit and are extremely slow when doing an over-taking manoeuvre. This is just a small portion that I have witnessed personally. My parents also had an Asian student (22yr old male) stay with them for 18 months and in that short time he had 11 accidents of various degrees and went through 3 cars:)
  • Hence why it's called a "stereotype" to begin with.
  • All stereotypes are based on a little bit of truth.

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