• Last Jan.. Unregistered and Uninspected Vehicle!
  • i have never had a ticket - been driving for over 40 years - been pulled over several times but always talked them out of it LOL
  • I've had my license for 6 days got a ticket for "speed or Acceleration contest" "No person shall engage in, aid, or abet any motor vehicle speed or acceleration contest, or exhibition of speed or acceleration, on any street or highway within the corporate limits of the town without the prior written approval of the mayor or town council. (1987 Code § 10.16.040)" So next time I've got to get the mayor's approval before i can spin cookies.
  • my dog nipped the water guy
  • Train ticket - to travel to the North Shore. Ha ha.
  • Like 3 weeks ago. Plane ticket, I was coming home from visiting my Dad. We get together every year to watch some of the Stanley Cup playoff games.
  • I've gotten warnings several times for having brake lights and headlights out, and I was even photographed by a red-light camera when I ran a light, but I've never gotten a ticket.
  • It was June 3, 2008, I got a failure to display insurance ticket! Took my insurance downtown and it didnt cost me a penny, just some time! :(
  • I have been driving for almost 3 years and have not received a ticket so far.
  • on Sunday. it was for the 'Armin Only' concert
  • 2 years ago for parking too close to a fire hydrant.
  • Last September I bought two airline tickets to fly to Albany, NY. ;) My last traffic citation was for incomplete stoppage at a STOP sign on the last day of 2003.
  • 18 years ago for speeding ...cost me almost 90 dollars
  • may 5th i got a ticket for passing a semi that i could not see the road past... then i got pulled over like 5 more times the same month!
  • ticket/jail no licence, no seatbealt, marijuana pipe para possesion.
  • May of 1997. I got a ticket for speeding and two more times (a week apart), same month/year for the same thing in neighboring towns/villages. Those are the only times I've been pulled over. I was actually going through a nasty breakup and moving out of the house with my two children.
  • My friends and I were driving to Ohio on a road trip and we were very excited to get there. My friend was driving his mom's Honda Odyssey and got it up to 118 in a 65 mph zone. We were BUSTED haha
  • I got a speeding ticket a few months ago for speeding.I have since changed my ways and deeply regret trying to break the sound barrier :(
  • It was about 4 years ago and we went to see the Bikes On Ice Race. It was funnnnnn. I don't get out much to have fun, it's just to damn expensive.
  • I think it was for making an illegal left turn at 3 am on a deserted road..but that was about 25 years ago...
  • 1984. Uninspected vehicle.
  • I was pulled over on June 8, 2008. One day I was going home from my friends house. I was on the interstate when I spotted a police officer. I kept my cruise control on 78. The officer pulled me over and said I was going 84 in a 70. Clearly the officer came out of his car and went to my vehicle. Surely there was an suv pulling over as well. He skips the suv and heads straight up to my car. I pulled down my window and noticed that the cop had a angry attitude. The officer gave me the ticket, yet the suv didn't get one. Any ways I can fight this??
  • I got boxed in, between three trucks doin' like 70mph... talk about claustrophobic... they kept me boxed in like that for about 3 miles... when the truck ahead finally pulled ahead a bit, I pulled forward, cut into the left lane and hit the gas... when I looked at the speedometer I was at 85, and took my foot off the gas to decelerate... within seconds I got pulled over... when I tried to explain what had happened and had only accelerated for a few seconds and then was slowing down again, the cop called me a liar and told me he had chased me for over 5 miles starting back at the state line... didn't matter how ridiculous his story was, that it didnt' happen, or that he had just pulled up on me... he was the cop and I got a $250 ticket... I had another time a cop claimed he could see through a truck to see me driving in the emergency lane (which I never did). The truck was to the left of the lane, I was to the right, and the cop simply couldn't see me as he came up from behind and imagined I was doing 75 in the emergency lane in an attempt to pass the truck (talk about whacked). It was fun seeing him trying to explain to the judge how he could see through the truck. That one got thrown out.
  • A few weeks ago. My mum borrowed my car and got caught by a speeding camera. The ticket was put under my name and sent to my house because i own the car, not happy....
  • dont know yet!

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