• Decades ago... I don't do alcohol...
  • I've never been drunk,but the last time I drank A drink or two was about three years. I quit because of my health.
  • Back in the 1970's when I was taking summer courses at CSU.
  • When I gave up being juvenile and decided to be mature.
    • Linda Joy
      Oops still not quite there!
    • Chicagoan
      That's for sure -- just based on all the childish questions you post.
    • Linda Joy
      Not childish, childlike. Nothing wrong with being a kid at heart. Or maybe I'm just getting senile. In any case why do you even care enough to troll me? You need to look at yourself and figure out what it is about me that you dislike in YOURSELF, or you will be allowing me to push your buttons and control your emotions. :D Let it go, man. Its not worth the negative feelings.
  • Christmas Day, after one gin and tonic. I am such a lightweight.
  • Yesterday. When the beer ran out I was forced to resort to my pipe. :P
  • The other day when I felt dizzy. Lot of people ask what I have been drinking when I do not drink.
  • never, i dont drink
  • The first and only time that I got drunk was in 1979.
    • Linda Joy
      What was the occasion?
    • RJ
      It was my 29th birthday
    • Linda Joy
      I graduated and got married in 79.
  • My pancreatitis made my last 2 drinks hurt and feel gross, so no for me anymore on that.
  • I only ever got drunk once and was so ill that I have avoided alcohol ever since.

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