• Before you figure out how to make them grow faster, you must first determine why they are falling out. It could be stress, old mascara, or possibly due to a Thyroid problem. If this continues I would see a Board Certified Dermatologist. Losing hair is called Alopecia..
  • I have a similar problem. I've always had long, thick eyelashes, but for the past 10 months it seems as if they grow shorter and shorter. Before I could use any mascara and my lashes would still appear luscious, but now I can't even find one that can make them look like they did before. Someone told me that it may be because of excessive use of mascara. Is this true? If not then what can I do or how can I stop this problem?
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  • to make them grow back longer and thicker there is a all natural product called FABULASH if you want find out more go to this website
  • See your doc, I had this problem too and it was an infection of the eyelashes. Seriously. It attacked the folicals of the eyelashes. Mine came from my mascara, It required an ointment to cure. simple cure but a serious problem, the infection ended up in a tear duct for me. Get it checked out!
  • It depends if you have a full set of eyelashes. It sounds like this is because you are damaging your eyelashes with alot of masacra thats not good for them and eyelash thingy to curl them. Your eyelashes are very fragile they need protecting like your eyes your eyelashes are protecting your eyes from dust, dirt and so on. Seek proffessional help and if you your eyelashes to be noticed use clear mascara. I hope this helps

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