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  • Yes. It's right for ANYONE to hit you back if you strike him/her first.
  • It is appropriate for anyone to defend themselves. Perhaps one should investigate why they are committing violence against their spouse in the first place.
  • depends on how hard. i guess.
  • EVERYONE has a RIGHT to defend them selfs...And JUST because he's a man don't change that.
  • Nope. Never lay a hand on a woman.
  • I'd say no.
  • No, I don't think it's right for anyone to hit any other person. There are other ways to do things, like defend yourself, keep the person from hurting others, sure it might take a blow at some point, but you don't have to hit to confine someone. But to just hit back because that person hit you, is simply retaliation and I don't believe that makes the situation better at all. Why sink to their level? Keep the high ground.
  • So I was young and dumb...I went out with this violent hispanic chick. Yes I said it. She was firey! So she got mad one day and started to assault me with a cordless phone and broke 100's of my cd's. I tried to walk away and she jumped on my back and proceeded to beat me on the back of my head with the phone. Honestly I don't believe in hitting girls, but I pick her up over my head and POWER BOMBED her punk ass! Yes she deserved it! That little bastard child needed a little kick in the face as well, but I stopped there. I know I took this question a little further than asked, but that's how it goes sometimes. Needless to say, our relationship didn't work out. I really loved that girl.....can you tell the sarcasm in my message?
  • Whatever. She's going to say you hit her. The whole her hitting you thing will be erased from memory totally.
  • no - but it isnt right for her to hit him either - this isnt good for the children to see -
  • I would hope there would be other ways... blocking the hits, grabbing the arms, wrestling her to submission, whatever - Or just simply LEAVING (and calling the cops). MOST men are strong enough to seriously hurt, if not kill, almost anyone they hit. If it comes down to having to hit to defend themselves, it should NOT be with a fist, and should NOT aim for the head, EXCEPT as an extreme last resort.
  • If it's some kind of freaky sexual thing, yes.
  • What do you think?Why hit him in the first place,remember that reason is also why men hit women.
  • I heard that if the man is hit 3 times then he is legally allowed to hit back in self defense. maybe thats just a myth.
  • No it is never okay for a man to hit a women. I have never done it and never will. I was raised never to hit a women even in anger. I was brought up by my grandmother, my mother, and my aunt. The only other mail was my little brother.
  • to be honest i think if she hits like a guy she out to be able to take it like one!!! i have known women who were genuinely in violent abuse relationships who went through hell and never did anything to provoke their beatings. I do not believe a man ought to hit a woman, but a woman should never expect that she can hurt her husband but he cant touch her because its wrong to hit women. Although if the man can shield by blocking, he ought to do that instead.
  • No, nor vice-versa.
  • It's not okay for anyone to hit!
  • No. But if you hit someone you had better be prepared to be hit back. It will happen in many instances, and I won't feel sorry for you.
  • Everyone STOP HITTING and TALK instead. Sheeesh.
  • If I was dumb enough to really "hit" my husband, I would deserve whatever would be coming my way.
  • i don't believe anyone should hit.
  • I don't know the situation that lead to this, but I do believe in equal rights. It annoys me when a woman hits a man, knowing that he is unlikely to retaliate, because of societal norms against hitting women. He should not have hit you, but technically he does not have the right, the judge and jury might think differently though.
  • I think people should avoiding hitting others, period. However, I'm also into equal treatment, so I have to say that it should be an expected response. I've known a lot of girls who taunted boys because they were taught not to hit girls; manipulative girls that grew into manipulative women who were under the impression that they couldn't be hit because they were female, and not taking other people's feelings into regard. Is it "right"? No, it's not right. Is it an expected response based on cause and effect, and paying the consequence for one's actions? Yes, I think so.
  • no. not OK. but some mothers teach their children that if someone pushed him, he should push harder . so watch it.
  • I would say no. Unless you're like a butch woman, you're not going to hit as hard as he would. Either way, neither of you should be hitting each other but he shouldn't hit you whether or not you've hit him first.
  • no, i dont think it is right for a man to hit a woman for any reason...
  • its cliche but, two wrongs dont make a right
  • I kind of have two thoughts on this. First, I feel that if a woman is big enough to hit she should be big enough to get hit back. My second & somewhat opposing thought is that if the man deserved it (for example cheating on his wife & she found out), he should take it like a man and consider it just punishment for whatever he did to deserve it.
  • It's not "right," but if he does, you can't really blame him.
  • No, but it wasn't right for you to hit him in the first place. Might just be an automatic reaction on his part.
  • Unless you are stopping your own death or someone elses murder there is no reason what so ever to hit a woman.
  • I would never hit him and he better neveer hit me!
  • I don't know about it being right or not but I wouldn't really blame him if he did.
  • No, but it's not right for you to hit him either -- it's not like men can't be abused by women, either.
  • NO!! I hate it when a guy says " I dont hit women , BUT if she hits me first...." Im thinking What a pussy ! He cant even take a hit from a girl ? He needs to man up ! A REAL MAN ! would walk away and call the cops on her for assault ! Why ? because if he hits her back . I can garaunty he hits WAY harder and Im sorry , but a woman isnt strong enough to take a mans punch ! Seriously , if she hit him and he couldnt take it, then he is a serious pussy and should go get his pansy fingernails painted pink!
  • No. You shouldn't be hitting people in the first place, and if you do, you've got to expect for him to defend himself.
  • It isnt right, but I cant blame him. You have to defend your self.
  • Its right for me to walk out and come back to talk about it even if she did hit me.
  • Honestly, if anyone hits anyone FIRST, they deserve to get hit back. And, I would and have hit back but I could never actually hit hard enough to hurt a woman.

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