• Absolutely! I will even donate my own nickle.
  • Sounds good to me! : )
  • I wrote to ab not long after I joined and asked if they would consider my idea regarding sponsoring a child in need. I had wanted to work it that the ab community could access a donation place on ab's main page and funds received into it would be handled by head of staff and forwarded on for the benefit of ab's sponsor child. I thought it would be an awesome thing for ab to take on as a community project that we could all participate in, be proud of and encourage others to particiapte in, however I never heard back from anyone and took it to mean they were not able to offer help at that time. ~ So I would love to help with your idea, however, I would consider it to be a mission of love, and as such, would much prefer to see a love heart used as the avatar and have it in a color that signifies peace or happiness :)
  • I think that would be an excellant idea!!!:):)
  • I say we up it to a quarter ....they can afford it ! Great idea!
  • Great idea!!! They've got to be crazy not to do something like this that helps out kids with such a need!!!
  • That is a great idea. I'm down
  • i'd be up for that.
  • Count me in.
  • No. I'd rather AB do what it does best and not venture down any path like that. If a member is away from the computer for a while people will think that user doesn't support a cure for cancer. It'll get misperceived and things will get ugly. I am not one to wear the ribbon, but I support a cure for AIDS. (video)
  • Sounds good to me.
  • I think it is a lovely idea, but unfortunately, there isn't much incentive for AB to do this. This isn't the way fundraising works. AB should have some charitable function, but they should chose the charity themselves. And, to be blunt, there needs to be something in it for the corporation - be it a new membership drive or attracting new advertisers or getting media attention. I have a background in volunteer management and non-profit fundraising. I now own my own business and we feature a different charity each month, but we can only raise about $20 or so each month for that charity. It is extremely difficult to refuse the many, many charitable requests that come our way, but if we didn't, we would be out of business (considering we are not even breaking even at this point). I think this the *start* of a terrific idea, but it isn't there yet. When the time comes though, count me in :o) If I can be of any assistance, let me know.
  • If you read my question ... it is not asking for opinions on the idea ... I am simply asking if you would support a procees to offer a little help for some kids that suffer ... If you choose not to participate then I respect your decision ... But don't apply a negative response when it is aimed at children who deserve more ... Any help is good help ... no matter who or how ... providing it helps without causing problems for others ... Please remember ... It is the start of an idea that may never happen ... at the end of the day it is up to you and the AB management ... So please! ... do not cast a cloud over what was simply a good thought ... Thankyou
  • No. And it isn't because I'm unkind. I agree with Someguy's and Daley's answers. I'd also like to point out that over 380,000 users, it would be impossible for the staff to determine who changed their avatar and who didn't. Then there's also the problem that Answerbaggers are from different countries, and the money would undoubtedly be given to a US charity which seems somewhat unfair. Some people have multiple accounts, so they'd cheat by putting black avatars on their sock accounts too. Some would create accounts just so they could give them a black avatar. That might sound good when you think extra money would be going to charity, but Demand Media is a business. They want to make money, not lose it.
  • I would do it
  • I think this is a wonderful idea and would be more than willing to participate.
  • Good stuff count me in.

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