• Extremely easy! I live in Seattle which is the home place of Starbucks and the home of Seattle's Best Coffee. I am never disappointed :)
  • I counted at least 15 Tim Hortons outlets that I could walk to. There are also about another hundred different coffee outlets easily, within walking distance. If I want a good cup of coffee, I think I'll find it easily enough.
  • It is easy,and I find the local,non francise ,independant coffee shops are the best.They specially blend coffee for you,and many are organic or free trade coffee.Starbucks and the other franchises are the MacDonalds of coffee with bitter coffee.Also the local neighborhood family run coffee shops have comfy chesterfields,easy chairs,and a relaxing surroundings and you don't feel like your are getting chased out as with starbucks ,etc/
  • Fairly easy. Now that McDonald's sells Newman's Own coffee. They are only a mile away. Also 2 Dunkin Donuts are 1 mile away. There are other local coffee shops I haven't trie, I prefer home brewed coffee.
  • With my new Nespresso(tm) machine, very.
  • just opened a new "bikini coffee" a block away, coffe is ok but the service is fantastic
  • i'm not a coffee drinker, but i do know that there is a coffee place maybe two blocks away from my apartment complex...
  • It's easy, Dunkin Donuts are everywhere, they make a pretty good cup. They have diners with good coffee, and of course, Star Bucks, I hate their coffee though.
  • Theres a starbucks on every corner and a coffee bean on every other corner. In So. Cal there is ALL KINDS of coffee shops. art/ coffee and indie music / cofee and even alcohol and coffee .
  • Not very, people don't drink coffee around here, were more of a tea and hot cocoa people.
  • You can get good espresso in every bar. Great coffee in Spain! Lots of different ways to prepare it too.
  • We got starbucks, and I think you can get a good cup for about 2 bucks, or maybe less, though you can blow as much for a cup as you will on a gallon of gas!
  • Not easy. Most coffee available in town is either so-so, poor or just plain bad.
  • It's like climbing Mt. Everest. Seriously.
  • Eight Dunkin Donuts, 3 Mobil on the run, One Exxon, The Blue parrot, Burger King, McDonalds and numerous other mom and pop shops all within a 8 square miles.
  • I think there are about 6 Starbucks in my area so for those here who like that brew then I'd say it's easy.
  • Pretty easy! There is a gas station right up the street with AWESOME cappuccino!!!

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