• It's thrilling:
  • They go so fast, especially the hydrofoil boats. It is a blast to watch.
  • Because people can and do die. So many watch unknowingly because they WANT to see a crash. Some just like it but many watch that type of entertainment because somewhere in their mind they want to see a crash. It doesn't make them bad people, it makes them human. Some people are into the mechanical aspect and enjoy watching machine and man pushing the envelope. That is a bit different and it doesn't mean they can't have both aspects going on inside their brain.
  • The atmosphere can be part of it. But I'll say its because it brings your adrenalin to a high when you are behind the controls of it. P.S. If you do get behind the wheel of such a machine, just try and not let the atmosphere around you, take your mind off what your doing......Just my point of view tho. "Have Fun"...........Plus 5 for your question. Take care my FRIEND...................M.C.S.
  • I don't know as I've never been to watch it. Jet boat racing is totally awesome though. I love watching it .. love the boats, the speed, the challenge, the atmosphere and the excitement. It's the best fun :)

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