• I got into a lot of fights with my father when I was younger. Strangely enough, now that he's retired, our relationship has gotten a lot closer. So, I guess the only advice I can give is avoid him as much as possible until he retires or you get your own place...
  • Try and find something you both like/love e.g. sports team or try a hobby he likes. You don't know, ask him but be smart. Don't ask to go try it out with him straight away. Find someone else to teach you basics first to avoid frustrating him later with beginners syndrome. Might work :D
  • its about power, who is in charge. him not letting you go. it would be good if you could have an all out wrestling encounter on the kitchen floor. no fists, just pin him to the floor. i have seen such events take place between father and son. it always ened in laughter and hugs and bonding. if not that, maybe you could spend some time doing something together. like chopping down a tree, or tearing down a fence or something physical where you both dig in and work together.
  • My mother and I get into arguments about really dumb stuff and over time I learned to just ignore her and drop it when she gets like that. No amount of psychoanalyzing power schemes or letting go is gonna make one of you right and the other agree to be wrong. Just let it bounce off you if he does something assholish. It's not worth the time. No offense, D Que.
  • As a parent myself, I can tell you that sometimes the things you fight about might be small to you, but you father might see it differently. My kids always think I'm being mean to them when I have them do the chores around the house and when I make them do it over and over because it wasn't done right. It's not about the task, it's about learning to do things the right way. Responsibility. Things you'll appreciate when you're older. (Jeez. I sound just like my father)
  • Talk to your Dad about this. We have no idea why you two can't get along.

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