• My husband and my mother. I have a B.S. in Behavioral & Social Science and a year of law school and TONS of continuing Ed credits. They both run circles around me. A college education only means you had the time and money to go to college and the energy and time to do the assignments. True intelligence is gleaned from watching, reading, listening and observing to everything you can around you and in the world.
  • My friend Karen.
  • Just about all but one of the smartest people I know are not college educated. A couple are even 'just farmers or ranchers', but they never stopped learning and reading and talking to other people. Maybe they were smart enough to just get on with earning a living:-)
  • My Mom :)
  • My gramps..., he actually didn't even make it all the way through high school. I dunno why but he knows everything...i swear. Probably cuz he was born and raised on a farm.
  • My Mom!
  • My father
  • my uncle
  • My Grandfather. That guy could fix a car, make metal art, run a successful car dealership and talk philosophy with the best of them. All on an 8th grade education.
  • my mom she knows everything (where stuff is, how to take out stains, and what to do when things go wrong) but she never made it outta high school
  • I have so many people in my life that are very smart and wise and a majority of them didn't go to college. I know some really stupid ppl that did though too, so that may not be a fighting argument. One thing that always irritated me is that we live in a small town and as horrible as it sounds if you live around here you don't need a college education to do well. I worked at the local high paying plant around here and there was a man who always bragged about being smarter because he went to college. I got so fed up that one day I looked at him and said "If you are so much smarter, why are you working in the same job I am, making the same amount of money? The way I see it, is that I am smarter then you because I didn't waste thousands of dollars on further education to work in the same job as everyone else does in this town" Needless to say it shut him up pretty quick.
  • Don't mean to come off as an egotistical type. Me Graduated High School, years of experience, and I have taught University classes. I worked for a company that flew me around the US (too much) to teach classes. But I think everyone I know has a degree. It's more about the desire to learn and never stopping.
  • My mother. She was a poor immigrant who came to Canada with only 4 years of education (they discouraged little girls from getting a good education in Asia), yet toiled long and hard to put food on the table for her children. Despite lacking a college education, she managed to operate a small grocery business with my father (seven days a week, 12 plus hours a day, 364 days a year for 40 years), and she used her wit and inner strength to survive the prejudices of the dominant white society. She put all her kids through university, and they all graduated with degrees and got white-collar professional jobs. Despite having three university degrees myself, I am still learning bits of everyday wisdom from my mother and benefitting from it.
  • My father was entirely self-taught. During the Great Depression, as the oldest of five boys, he helped his family on their farm. He became a general contractor who held a plumbers license and an electrician license. When he got too old to work as a contractor, he trained himself in drafting, and worked as a draftsman until he died. He won an award for designing the luggage delivery system for Dallas Airport in the 1970's.
  • My 18 year old brother.
  • Intelligence isn't what you get from education. Education gives you knowledge, and purports to train you to think and to use your intelligence. Some college courses are almost brainwashing or learning by rote. My oldest daughter is one of the most intelligent people I know and she missed out on a college education. That hasn't prevented her from becoming a member of the police prosecution service taking cases thro court. She made her way thro ranks of college educated staff to get the job. Just recently promoted after interviews and tests lasting six months and in competition with senior police officers and graduate lawyers. Her education gained at nite and on the job, while at the same time working full time, running a home and a family.

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