• Yes. The very fact that he recognized your car is sufficient cause to pull you over.
  • Yes it is legal. He recognized you, ran the plates and it shows you as driving under suspension. Totally legal for him to have done :)
  • He pulled you over and you had a suspended license. He saw you driving again and knew for a fact that you had a suspended license. Yes, he was well within the law to pull you over. The person breaking the law was you.
  • Simple. There was a crime committed. You committed it. People like you who drive while suspended make me sick. Go to jail and drop the soap.
  • Yes, why are you driving when you KNOW that you are not allowed to drive by the fact that you got your license suspended! You are going to have to try to find either public transport or find someone willing to drive you where you need to go.
  • Not to side with the officer but if your license was suspended then you were driving without a license and he could have arrested you and you could have faced a very serious felony charge that would have stayed with you for the remainder of your life! I guess he gave you a real break if he only gave you a warning!
  • normally, you get pulled over when a cop knows (or has evidence enough to reasonably suspect) that you've committed a crime he knows your license is suspended, so he can pull you over why would you drive with a suspended license, anyways?
  • He had a good reason, your license is suspended, totaly legal :-)
  • Yes. If an officer has prior knowledge of a law violation, he can act on that knowledge. Knowing that you did not have a valid drivers license, the officer was well within his right to stop you and arrest you, if necessary. Why would you take such a chance?
  • Let me see if I get this straight. A policeman sees someone he knows is committing a crime, and he pulls you over? Of course it's legal. In fact, if there was a cop who saw someone breaking the law and didn't pull them over he would be a bad cop.
  • So.............will we be driving again this evening? Maybe have a few drinks too?
  • Why would you think it's not legal,that's so legal it's not funny.
  • Is this a joke question? *looks around for candid caemera* Of course it is legal, what you are doing is illegal, you did the crime, you pay the fine or do the time. He had every reason to pull you over, you were driving illegally.
  • "No reason to pull me over." How about driving without a license?
  • Not only is it legal, he could get into trouble with his presinct if he doesn't pull you over if he knows you're violating the law.
  • Sure... I've seen true-life cop shows where they sit outside the courthouse, KNOWING people are getting their license suspended, they wait until they get into the car and start to drive off, stop them and arrest them for driving without a license. WHY would ANYONE even chance driving w/out a license? It was taken away for a reason! Frankly, I'm glad he was THERE! (And if you got off with a verbal warning, feel youself lucky. If I was a cop and someone I knew was driving without a license, they'd be in JAIL.)
  • Yes. It's called "probable cause". The most widely held, common definition is "a reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime." SOURCE: Wikipedia
  • Of course he had a reason. He knew you had a suspended license and saw that you were driving. All a cop needs is reasonable suspicion that a crime was being committed. He probably had more than that. He probably looked up your info and saw that your license was still suspended. However, even if he did not look it up, he would still have a reasonable suspicion.

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