• I think that would be extremely difficult. Why would you want to get swallowed by a python? What would probably happen is that you would suffocated well before it got to your toes, so I think that tosses out one of your requirements in your question.
  • Hey by the time your toes are going in you're dead so why kill the python just to get you out? You'ld have to go in naked to avoid damage to the snake, did you think about that?
  • Ive heard of a way that such a thing could happen first starve the snake for a couple weeks till its Ravenous we'll require an anaconda or a reticulated Python secondly we'll need someone with experience with these animals maybe a zookeeper who could induce a regurgitation if it is neccesary i would also have you swallowed preferably in a mixture of anti-acid solution not sure what it is yet but we'd look into that before hand and test it out i saw it on that super-snake or something anyway you can enter clothed or unclothed. to begin with we'd first have to make you smell like a prey animal by rubbing you with fur or a live animal like a kitten or a dog, secondly we'd need to put the snake in a seperate room with a hole not so much bigger than the snake in question on the door and you would lie down and place your feet or head depending on how you want to go in inside the hole or just in front of it. A breathing apparatus would be neccesary if you entered head first but might not be required as long as you entered feet first and didnt spend or want to spend too long in the Snakes Belly but id still recommend the breathing tool. Once you enter you will not be constricted as the only way the snake is leaving the room is by swallowing you first and as to how we would communicate mobiles or walky talkies or one of those ear mobile phones would be neccesary otherwise we'd have to have a pre-established time-limit as to when to get you out. Once your inside torch optional me and the zookeeper or other trained personnel guy with baseball bat,knife,chainsaw or any other weapon or paramedic will wait patiently videotaping and taking photos of each significant portion of you swallowed to prove that this is not a hoax and you really went into the belly of the beast and survived and maybe get us into the guiness book of records or that Ripleys book where we'll become either celebs or famously rich for selling our video/DVD online and how we prepared for the whole thing advice etc. Getting you out is trickier than getting you in depending how far the Snake's Digestive track you've gone worst case scenario we get squeamish and let the snake digest you though very unlikely and the other is we kill the snake and pull you out of its bowels followed by a shower and a round of beer to commemorate the valiant giant that died for our cause. The regurgiatation can be enduced by poking the snake at various places other methods include scaring it till it coughs you up hope you brought snacks as this may take awhile or beating it with the bat till it coughs you up or squeezing the bottom or all of your outline to theoretically induce nausea in the mighty pythons bowels. What you think good plan eh?, A way to escape for both you and the snake cept the snake might be kept around or released back into the wild or even given to a lab to test themselves if it was actually possible i.e' giving it a meal of equal size and breadth and showing the footage to professionals to show if the video is fake or not. We will also have to film this in a place where Snakes that size arent illegal to own Cuba anybody no? how about Britain or some third world country thats about the only way we could film it legally.
  • 1. vorarephilia Love of being eaten alive. A fetish in which a person is stimulated by fantasies of being devoured (usually swallowed) alive by another creature, human or otherwise.
  • Well no i personally dont own one i think it's illegal to own one that size but lets say we did have one I know exactly how you could be swallowed safely and get you back out. First of all is getting a snake to swallow you as they dont normally go after prey our size though they've been shown to swallow Kangaroo's and antelope we'd still have to make up appetizing so first off we coat you in an anti-acid solution (Im not making this up how do you think stomach acid doesnt melt through your stomach wall or that of a snake?) I think its called Sodium bicarbonate which neutralizes stomach aicd so we coat you in that to protect you from the snakes powerful digestive track and maybe try to get you to smell like a dog or cat so you smell like a snakes prey encouraging it to swallow you. The safest way this would work is if you were wearing a pear of goggles to protect your eyes and were coated in the protective mixture before you lie down on the ground either we have this snake in a big box or a serperate room with a dog door that has a latch on our side and what we do is place your feet in the box or inside the door and wait for the snake to start swallowing now since ur a guy (it says it on you QnA) I guess you would have to lie on your side to let the snake get over your shoulders more easily and whilst the Snake consumes you I will have a Camera and photographic evidence ready and be prepared to rescue you from the snake if im unable to induce nausea. The Snake will either be raised by the both of us or it will be a snake we paid someone to capture and deliver something like a Burmese or African Rock Python if we wanted to take our chances but i think we'd have better luck with a Reticulated Python or a Anaconda so all we do is visit Florida and bring a Reticulated Python back or we go and find a Green Anaconda in South America though a Female would be preferable as they grow to be significantly larger. The biggest concern for you is air and communication so when you are being swallowed you should take a torch, walkie talkie or mobile and have a breathing apparatus attached to your mouth like a face/gasmask like in the operation room to provide u with air. With your safety ensured we cross our fingers and hope the snake will devour you we may have to starve it beforehand to accomplish this but once it has your feet in its mouth it will keep going and hopefully swallow you whole then when you want to come out either start thrashing about call me with the plhone or walkie talkie or have a pre-established time. I will attempt to induce Nausea but if the Snake is too reluctant to let you out well i have needed an excuse to use that sword so what you think at least i have laid out a plan for you if you want to be swallowed and get out safely and unharmed. I hope this has been insightful but remember if you want a Snake capable of swallowing you then your going to have to get it yourself or with a friend best i can do for you.
  • for u to ask such a dumb question u should be swallowed and digested as well.
  • Pythons are constrictors- the snake would suffocate you before it even started to swallow you. Also, unless you are pretty small, the snake wouldn't try to eat you, they can only eat what they can fit in their mouths. Granted, they can unhinge their jaws, but a human is, in most cases, too much for a snake. But anyway, good luck with that whole thing.
  • i would love to sign up. i want a snake to swallow me
  • hey mates im definitely in i would love to be swallowed by a python, i know a fair bit about snakes so whenever this goes down send me a email on
  • i want to sign up as well only i dont want to be saved i want the snake to digest me.

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