• No fault is just that. It wasn't the guy's fault that he hit you, caused damage or injury. You collect the damages from your insurance company. And they will regard the claim as though you caused the accident and your insurance will go up. No fault is bad..... for anyone but the bad drivers that is.
  • In Florida, you are required to carry personal injury protection (PIP). "No Fault" means that no matter whose fault it was, the first 10K in injury (medical) bills is covered under each person's PIP. PIP usually pays 80% of medical and 60% of lost wages, but you might have a PIP deductible. If all you claim is PIP, you're insurance rates should not be affected. Since you were rear-ended, the other driver's insurance (if they have it) should cover whatever PIP doesn't pay towards medical AND pay for the damages to your car. Hope this helps!
  • Hopefully you exchanged information - did you?

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