• I usually just enjoy the noodles with butter and garlic.
  • I enjoy the soup, but I also add eggs (like egg drop soup) and sometimes carrots (because I love carrots).
  • I'm not too sure what you mean, but I usually eat my ramen with the soup flavour that comes with the package as well as the spices/season, and I add some veggies and/eggs. I remember when back when I was in grade 2, it was 'cool and convenient' to eat the noodles straight from the package, without cooking it..does anybody still do that? My mom caught me eating noodles like that and told me that it was bad for your health..what a shock to a 7 year old!
  • Noodles drained with just a small part of the flavoring packet and a little butter. If there's a meat left over from the night before, that'll get thrown in too.
  • I usually crush the dry noodles into smitereens as I drop them into the boiling water. so there arent really any noodles. then it turns into soup for me.
  • I usually eat it when it's a bit on the cool weather side so I enjoy the soup part, maybe not all the liquid, but most of it. And I let my noodles sit for 10 minutes to soak up a lot of the soup.
  • just the noodles. add the flavoring, butter, and salt and you're good to go.
  • It depends. If it's hot, I'll boil the noodles and put the seasoning on after in a frying pan.
  • The noodle seasonings have too much MSG for me. I stay with the dry, crunchy noodles by themselves.
  • i usually eat the just the noodle and i like the noodles basically uncooked as in kinda crunchy
  • I sometimes eat it with just a little of the broth, especially if I'm in a hurry, but most of the time I prefer eating ramen noodles with the soup, and I drink the entire soup afterwards. I like to add a lot of black or white pepper, or sometimes a red hot chilli pepper, to make things hot and spicy. I like ramen noodles for breakfast, and sometimes put scrambled eggs on top of the noodles and soup.
  • I haven't eaten Ramen noodles for years..but I'm a fan of following the directions given for preparation so whatever they are, that's what I did! Happy Friday, Ed! :) ((hugs))
  • I usually boil the noodles, add an egg, vegetables and seasonings, and pan fry it.
  • G'day Ed, Thank you for your question. I generally enjoy them like soup with a sauce and accompanied with a nice bread roll, washed down by a nice cold beer. Regards
  • wow i like to eat it both ways, i usually eat the noodles first then i drink the soup afterwards.
  • I always make mine with half the required water and eat it like noodles, not as a soup.
  • Are you talking about instant ramen? Horrible stuff but I used to eat it when I was young and poor. You should come to Japan and enjoy real ramen noodles. Hundreds of varieties and all delicious.
  • i usually eat the noodles with some of the flavoring sprinkled on them
  • i like to boil the noodles and use them in a stirfry with egg and veggies and whatever leftover meat i have lying around :)
  • I just eat the noodles.
  • I have, I also break up uncooked ramen noodles, sprinkle them with seasoning and eat them dry.
  • I don't eat those.
  • Actually, I do something a bit different... First of all, I make 3 packs of ramen noodles at a time, but the bullion is far too strong, so I only use 1 packet of the bullion for all 3. Then after they come to a boil, I let the noodles set for about 15 minutes or so. This allows the noodles to absorb the broth and swell up to about 3 times their normal size. I've found that when they're good and plump, they slide down your throat a lot easier. If I eat the noodles as soon as they're ready, I have to keep drinking water as I eat them or I find myself choking on them. Letting them set longer seems to work much better.
  • I eat it like soup.
  • I eat Japanese ramen noodles and add some egg & veggies (mmm bok choy) to them. ^_^

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