• Dessert is just fruit in this house so Yes I eat dessert first go to the gym then eat my supper later on
  • When I go to a restaurant, I always eat dessert first.
  • no, i dont eat dessert much at all since im prediabetic
  • You could say that one piece was supper and the other was dessert.
  • Here's a better question. What desert are you eating? It's unhealthy if it's the dessert I think you're talking about. So to answer you're question, no. I don't. Sweets aren't really my thing anyway. I love fruit and healthbars. I also like veggiesticks. Those were my childhood snack! :)
    • Linda Joy
      Better question: What 'healthy' foods are you eating? Vitamin water contains more sugar than a snickers bar! A cup of raisins has more sugar than THREE cups of marshmallows, and Special K fruit and yogurt cereal has more sugar than a pack of fun dip! Check it out! They even have my Naked Green Machine on this list with more sugar than a pack of skittles!!
    • SaltyOutOfTheBLUE
      Oh my gosh! I didn't know that! I love Naked drinks! Thanks! :)
    • Linda Joy
      Nature Valley Granola bars were on there, too! But they have a lot of vitamins in them as well. It just goes to show you never know.
    • SaltyOutOfTheBLUE
      Well, Nature Valley is my life, thanks for ruining my day. Haha :)

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