• No, I think that most older women look better with longer hair. My mother is almost 60 and still wears it long and I think she looks great. Although I do think if they wear it long they should dye it.
  • It depends on the woman. Some older women look better in short hair because maybe it's thinning out too much. And other older women look great with their long hair. So once again, it really does depend on the woman.
  • I dont think older women look bad with long hair, its beautiful! I just think most older women who have thinning hair problems wear there hair short cause it is easier to make appear thicker! Both of my grandmothers have short hair but I know plenty of grandmothers with long hair
  • I have never ascribed to the idea that "they" say you shouldn't wear long hair after a certain age. Why not? Why do older women have to all look like little bobbed short-haired gray ladies sitting in a row? Let it grow, wear it however you want, and it's YOUR hair!
  • I think, most older women look good with long hair. Well, better than those horrible bobs that seem to add age to a woman who is already aged!
  • it all depends and if she is fit
  • My take on this is that a woman, of whatever age, should do what makes her feel best. Period!
  • That sounds like a cute look. Go for it.
  • I think it's totally up the woman.
  • i agree with captain harly
  • as long as she takes care of her hair and it looks healthy than i think any woman of any age can pull of long hair I saw one older woman with silvery grey hair that went down to the middle of her back, it was gorgeous! I cant wait to get my hair to look like that when I'm older.
  • I think that the older a woman gets the shorter she should go up to like the shoulders depending on her body and face and weight... Maybe shorter? Women look tacky and like witches with long hair. But that is just my opinion.
  • My grandma's hair went down to her ankles (from what my mom says... I think she was about 5'3") but she had always kept it in a bun... I say do what makes you feel good... Yeah longer hair is uncommon now, even in those of Pentecostal faith because they used to go by "women must not dress in men's clothing" and "a woman's hair is her glory" but then they started making girl's jeans and t-shirts... And they realized that as long as the hair was kept clean and neat it followed the rule... My grandma was Pentecostal and had long hair whereas my mother is and has shoulder-length hair... I think it depends on how you feel about everything... Hope this helps...
  • Hair means nothing babe, you'll see yo... ;)
  • Whatever makes you feel right. To much emphasis on hair
  • Older women look beautiful with long hair.
  • I think women and men ought to wear their hair what ever length, cut or color they enjoy. Arbitrary rules like women should cut their hair at 50 or men should keep their hair short are silly and nonsensical. Don't like my hair? Tough I do!

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