• Take the earring out. you are better off letting it heal up totally and re-piercing it.
  • What size was it, how long was it at that size, did you stretch it, how long was it pierced, and how did you tear it? If it's a smallish piercing, then there's a good chance it will heal more or less closed. If you want to keep the piercing, wear the jewelry (steel, titanium, or glass only) and treat it like it was new, such as doing sea salt soaks, washing it, and not touching it as much as possible. If you tore it stretching, stay at the smaller size (or downsize a few sizes) to keep pressure off the wound. If you don't care if you lose the hole, then do the same things, just without jewelry in the piercing.
  • It depends how long you've had it pierced. I would show it to a peircing place. Wearing earrings while the hole is injured is a good way to get it infected.

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