• The rider will be more easily recognizable without a helmet. A helmet will mess up the rider's hair.
  • Freedom for Brain Injury
  • Accidents always happen to "THE OTHER GUY".
  • "Bad things only happen to other people, not to me" or "Just this once" or "Hey, I like to live dangerously", and my personal favorite "Nobody's going to tell me what to do"
  • My first motorcycle, i never wore a helmet unless it was cold, the helmet keeps your head warm. But then i lived in Virginia next, and they required a helmet so i wore one all the time. They also required motorcycle school which i attended. I got in the habit of wearing one all the time. I finally got in a crash and broke my right clavicle, and if it were not for my helmet, i probably would be dead.
  • They must either think that nothing will ever happen to them or they just figure if they wreck then a helmet wont do any good anyways! My boyfriend wants a motorcycle ans he always says that he's not going to wreck, but I always say "Do you think everyone who wrecks and either lives or dies plans on wrecking?!?" It happens a lot! Way to many times to not wear a helmet, why would someone want to take that chance?
  • Probably comfort..a helmut is constricting and annoying actually..although, of course, it can save your life and maybe that trumps comfort! :)
  • Wearing a helmet will, most of the time, help prevent injuries. But, then again, so will driving a car instead. I don't wear mine all the time. But that should be my choice. Legislating helmet use is like telling people they're not allowed to eat foods with high cholesterol. It's not good for us and we know it. But it's still our choice. Anyone who thinks it should be forced on us should wear one in their car also. That'll help on head injuries from your airbag or your head hitting the steering wheel. Education not legislation. Just my opinion though.
  • I think probably they have a "don't care" attitude. Stopping bugs and rain and sand from hitting my face and eyes is good enough reason for me.
  • I think it is Comfort VS Safety. I think it everytime I get on a bike, so I would think they do.
  • One of the worst things I see is a man driving the bike with his girlfriend/wife on back. He is wearing the only helmet and she has nothing on. Wow. And they say chivalry is dead.
  • Vanity?My husband calls it natural selection.
  • yes, there is a thought process,but first you have to pass a test.take a fresh watermelon,grab it with two hands.walk to the middle of a highway and pitch it as high as you can,and then back up and watch it hit the highway.question answered.
  • 90% of the time I wear my helmet. Recently I had an accident while going very slow. I fell and my head hit the pavement. For several weeks my neck hurt, but without the helmet I am sure I would have had a head injury. I used to be a nurse and have seen my share of head injuries......not pretty! Wear a helmet please. It may not save lives, but it reduces injury. Pax
  • OK, so you know Murphy right? I have been cursed with his presence my entire life. If something can go wrong, it WILL go wrong. AKA, I'll be wearing my helmet like a smart little boy and get in a wreck and my head will still get crushed like a walnut/watermelon (or whatever you guys are using today to try to scare some "sense" into us) I'm a very aggressive driver, rider, cyclist and it is just that behavior, being alert and aware of one's surroundings, that has kept me alive all this time. Add a helmet that cuts off half of my normal sight and most of my peripheral vision and I've lost a lot of that advantage. Don't give me that crap about those non full face helmets either. No matter what is on your head, you can't tuck and roll as well as without one. I actually find it infuriating that yet another law forces me to risk my life by wearing a helmet unless I want to risk paying citations every time a cop sees me... P.S. The faster you go the less it "helps" you when you crash so there goes its effectiveness for me... P.P.S. Helmets in cars are ILLEGAL and yet they'd supposedly save more lives in cars than on bicycles/motorcycles... P.P.P.S. I can't find any statistics proving that helmets actually save lives or make injuries less severe...
  • Those who ride motorcycles without helmets obviously have nothing in their heads worth protecting.
  • no thought process, just downright stupidity !
  • I've been told that anything over 50 mph does not help. Of course, there are some folks who believe you may not wish to survive anything over 55.
  • if you were a helmet on get in a bad wreck you crap in a bag the rest of your life if you dont your head xplodes like a watermelon when it hits the street,car curb, or etc
  • Common sense will tell you to protect your head but then the ego steps in and worries about what people will think..
  • I think a Hell's Angel once said they don't wear helmets so that they can hear danger coming.
  • I'm a very aggressive driver, rider, cyclist and it is just that behavior, being alert and aware of one's surroundings, that has kept me alive all this time. P.P.P.S. I can't find any statistics proving that helmets actually save lives or make injuries less severe... parleamonculmateteestmalade Let me guess, you wear no gloves, no bike jacket and no bike boots. I bet you never suffered road rash, where you need need skin grafts or crashed where your jaw needs to reconstuctered and wired together. I had a crash where I flew through the windescreen of a car; If I did not have a helmet I would be dead. Grow up; or else lie down(in your grave!)
  • I belong to ABATE its all about choice, after many years with EMS my friends call me an organ doner for not wearing it all the time CHOICE Thundercloud

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