• Paying Amazon 3 Billion to have HQ in NY would set a very poor precedent. No other big company in NY has asked for nor expected a public gift as a qualifier for them to come. I call this corporate welfare. Socialize the cost, privatize the profits This is three Billion taxpayer dollars to a trillion dollar company for the "privilege" of their employment. Try researching how those employees are treated before you counting those particular jobs as an asset to NY.
    • Archie Bunker
      The city was expecting $27.5 Billion in state and city returns over the next 25 years. A 9 to 1 revenue to subsidies ratio. That's a huge return on investments. And that is not including the supporting businesses that would need to support the projected 40,000 total jobs. Jobs with an average salary of $150,000. And don't forget the 1300 construction jobs for the 4million sq ft campus they'd build or the 1million sq ft building they'd be renting. Millions of dollars for workforce development and job training & job incubators. And a school. But, I guess none of that matters for those looking for jobs. Because Amazon is evil.

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