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  • It seems a bit odd that she has to go to another man for friendship. There must be something lacking in your relationship. I would be worried if I were you. She obviously feels you are not giving her something she needs. You probably need to think about counseling of some kind. At least you both need to sit down and talk about the situation.
  • That is totally unacceptable. This never would have been considered decent in past generations. She should honor you as her husband and try finding some women to be friends with. And no you are NOT being paranoid. Don't let her walk all over you.
  • It depends what you mean by "chooses this man over myself". Like she prefers his company to yours? Or she just spends time with him. Women can have male friends if they are smart and respectful about it. Totally do-able.
  • I think she still loves you and puts you separate from all these other guys. I would say, maybe look at whats missing in your guys relationship, so she doesn't continue this "emotional cheating"...
  • You should be her best friend. Even if it is platonic, it makes no difference if it's not sexual. What matters are your feelings. One should never choose another over their mate, unless you're just failing to see the truth. Tell her to stop and if she won't, well, there's the answer. Who does she think she is, anyway. You have feelings, get them out there!!!
  • Do you have a small penis?
  • If your wife chooses this other man over you then something isn't right. If she doesn't include you in the friendship with the other guy something isn't right. She married you so therefore there should be nothing that she can't include you in. Find someone who doesn't need something outside of your relationship/
  • No, there is a problem here. How could she marry you and then seek platonic friendships. That's all wrong. You two need to talk this over. You are NOT being paranoid.
  • besides talking to her about it find out what she requires in a friendship and try to be accommodating. for me I have friends, men and women and I like to talk about gossip and the latest diet. My s/o finds such chit chat a bore and doesn't care to engage in it so if it isn't something of substance he could care I seek outside friendships to fill that void. Not one person can fill every need
  • Nice you are big enough to accept her right to have male fiends....However, if she "chooses them over you" they are not friends....and you are not paranoid. How would she feel if the shoe was on the other foot?? Time to be a self-respecting man and tell her to cease and desist...or you will consider this at least emotional cheating...and at worst....??
  • have u ever heard of an emotional affair? well that may be what's going on. u can research these types of affairs on line. she probably is compensating for something missing in your relationship.
  • If you know it for a fact then its not paranoia.

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