• nope. carrying a gun can backfire on you.
  • I would let my teen daughter carry pepper spray. I've been hit what that stuff by the mail man (don't ask) and I'm convinced that stuff could stop an elephant.
  • Sure, pepperspray and/or a pocketknife. I think everyone should carry a pocketknife, though... they are endlessly useful. Never know when you'll need one.
  • if they think they need a weapon for self defense they are playing in the wrong environment. i would move them to safer surroundings.
  • No I would not. I may make sure they are protected but I would not allow them to carry a weapon of any sort.
  • a weapon no but a tool yes (hunter safety guide explains the difference between weapons and tools a rifle/shotgun/exc.. are tools but can be used irresponsibly as a weapon). I'd alow my son to carry a knife just as i do. (cept in school because of the few scared people in the district would give me a hard time if i did).
  • I would be okay with it if they wanted to carry one.
  • Yes i would let my teen carry a slef defense weapon as long as it is leagal i would let my teen carry it if they would learn how to use it the right way and had a good purpose
  • No i wouldnt, if he got caught with it, he would be arrested. Not only that if he did get attacked and used the weapon and killed the other person his life would be over anyway as he would spend the rest of his life behind bars.:-)+

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