• If there are kids involved your first responsibility is to them. Unhappily or not, you are married and so that means you also have a responsibility to your husband. If you are unhappy then you should talk about it with your husband or get a divorce. Only after your divorce is final is it ok to start seeing some guy on the side (regardless if you've known him for 8 years). Just be faithful, please. And if you have to leave your husband, then do it the right way.
  • If you are unhappily married I would say the smart thing to do would to remedy that situation before beginning another situation. :)
  • it would be ok to find out how the other guy feels first, just don't like cheat on your husband.. i would ask in a way that won't embarrass you. also maybe being alone is better han unhappily married, unless youd rather be with someone you don't love then be doin your own thing.( some people are terrified of being alone, period, which is ok).... but if i were u id try an start moving on, because the sooner you do, the better the chances of meeting someone else..especially if you have you eye on someone. don't wait till he meets some other girl. see whatsup now,yuoll probably be better off. also if guys are smiling and like being around you and talking to you, and they are single, chances are good he would at least entertain the chance of getting together. im 20, but i don't put myslef around too many girls i'm not somewhat into, IE i prbobably could date any of my friends that are girls, they are all pretty hot and awesome. i just let it be what it is and see what happens.. :) good luck

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