• Just ask yourself would you go out ans potty in the rain? This is probably what your dog is thinking.
  • I don't think it's necessarily a breed-based behavior. Our beagle acts like Princess Prissy-Paws around water (even wet grass), but I've never heard that beagles are particularly prone to melting. Our other dog doesn't like water, but he's not particularly bothered by it (except bathing, which ALL dogs hate). . . .
  • Funny question! My dog doesn't mind the rain but he is bred to retrieve from the water, he is a English Springer. Sometimes I wish he did not like to go out in the rain because he gets that, oh so lovely wet "doggy smell". See the picture, that is how much they love the water!
  • Ducky (how ironic) insists the same thing and therefore must endure the humiliation of wearing a doggie raincoat. Or I just pick him up and put him in the grass to which he stands there giving me a look that most definitely says "f**k you".
  • No cases of it that I know of (~:-)
  • I believe those cross breed with flying monkeys have been known to melt in the rain. I would ask your dog about his parents and the rest of his family tree for cases of flying monkeys in his background.
  • Must be related to mine. He only melts on the lower half with water from below though. If the grass is wet he will not walk on it. Instead, he gingerly hangs his butt over the grass alongside the walkway and deposits his fertilizer. The walkway can be sopping wet, but wet grass is just something he will not deal with. Guess I am lucky he is only half melting dog, huh?
  • That sumtims happens to my dog too! omg. i just wait, and see. if he/she REALLY has to go, he/she will! lol. sumtimes i really think dogs have the weirdest minds!
  • LOL my whimpy pit bulls seem to think as your dog does and even after it has rained.. "MUD?!?! YUCK, Mom do you really expect ME to go out in that STUFF!?!?!" LOL
  • had a laso that refused to get her hind end wet, she would walk on just her front legs, back legs above her peeing like a racehorse - stubborn little shit she was
  • These doggies MIGHT MELT IN THE RAIN..... Perhaps photo number 2...might solve the problem....(oops TP stuck to the foot...I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!)
  • Ha ha! Before we had to banish him to the Outdoors, my Winston wouldn't go outside if the AIR SMELLED WET. Or if it was too cold. It actually hasn't rained since he's been outside, though... I wonder how he'll take it. He's hating it out there so far, poor thing.
  • I used to have a labrador who really didn't care. Many times during a heavy downpour he'd jump the fence and run away, coming back a few hours later totally saturated, and with a big grin on his face, tail wagging (actually, he wagged his whole body). He fully ignored the rain.
  • Im not sure if it has been documented but I had a small indoor dog that would tip toe when it was wet outside. It was hilarious to watch her try ever so diligently NOT to get her feet wet. It was a pain to get her to go out when the ground was wet but she also would not go in the house.
  • My Jack Russell (her name was Billi the Kid because she was sooo tiny) used to be the same. Whenever I opened the back door for her to go out and it was raining - she would just look at me and then run back into the lounge & hide. She would hold it in for ages and eventually I would have to pick her up and put her out on the grass. She was a tiny pain in the butt but I really miss her (she passed away about 5 years ago)
  • I'm not sure about that, but one of our eight dogs, Crystal, a Catahoula Leopard Dog, hates getting wet, even if it's a light drizzle.
  • of course silly... hes right
  • My Bichon Frise is only 2 months old but he loves to play in the rain and even in his water bowl but he's even more impressed with mud which isn't so lovely for me being that he's very white!
  • I have a great dane & a corgi doxie mix. I also have a large beach umbrella that I must open & go outside with them (I have to make sure they are under it). I think they feel this is the way it is. The dane HATES water. The corgi was alright for awhile til he figured this must be something humans do when water comes down from the sky. They are precious & if thats what I gotta do, then thats what I gotta do.
  • apparently chihuahuas melt too cause mine will NOT go outside when it rains. He will "hold it" for 3 days if he has to so he doesn't melt. Love the question
  • Funny to hear this question since my dog does the same thing, which is not good because it can cause him to go in the house! I solve this by knowing when it's going to rain and I take him out before it does and if I miss my window of opportunity and it starts to rain, I go out with him and then he will go. Not convenient for me, but, it works!

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