• Mine is from my Mom, when she sold her house and started living rotation with the kids. When she was breaking up house, I couldn't break her anymore by turning down some of her treasures. I keep them in the attic and cellar and only bring them out when she comes around. Call me a hypocrite or whatever, at least my Mom's a little happier than if I was totally honest.
  • My mother, brother, and sister got all that stuff. I have nothing but a few pieces of jewelry and happy memories. That's good enough for me.
  • When we first got married, my husband brought some ugly shell figurines that his grandmother makes for everyone. He didn't like them either but couldn't bear pitching them. We made a compromise that they would be put in a box in the attic, but I think that there was a tornado or mice or ummm something roaming around in the attice because for some reason they are just not there any more:)
  • No, my grandparents let me choose which items of theirs I wanted. They also left me things that I didn't ask for because I assumed they would be given to my aunts or my dad. They were things I wanted though, like my grandmother's birthstone ring or my grandfather's awards. They weren't knick knack or fancy china kind of people, so that wasn't an issue.
  • Not from my grandparents, but my MIL. When she passed away my husband got her collection of salt and pepper shakers (his choice, for some obscure reason). Now we are the proud owners of five or six HUNDRED salt & pepper shakers of every imaginable shape, size and color. I wrapped them all very carefully and packed them away in a large plastic box in hopes that I will never have to lay eyes on them again. (Though I would never tell hubby of my "lack of enthusiasm" over such a fine memento.)
  • I never knew my grandparents. Three of them died before I was born and the other I met only once. I only wish I had some small thing that had belonged to them.
  • I have stuff that I'll never use, sure. But it'll never get on my nerves. Any stuff from my relatives is highly prized. Each one holds a memory. I know, stop living in the past, right? lol

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