• I have not seen that on my phone. I can email from my phone and tablet. I use the Gmail to send things to my computer. I can also send to my text messages from my computer and email to the messaging.
  • no, didnt know they had that, i dont text
  • My phone is something like 12 or 13 years old, so, no.
    • Linda Joy
      The one I bought 7 years ago bit the dust (battery exploded) after I cracked the screen 3 or 4 times. The one I'm using now was given to me because the owner didn't know how to use it. And the last one I bought was a gift for someone else.
  • I have no idea. Text messaging is for the birds, in my opinion. Those dratted tiny keyboards, I mistype constantly with my man fingers. Why not just call the person and give them the message - either directly or in a voice mail? Takes me about 1/10th the time to do that.
    • Linda Joy
      I have a microphone on mine, but the voice to text translation isn't the best.
      Ditto. If I use the Google mic it takes me even longer, because I have to go in and edit all of the errors.
  • I don't have a paper clip, but if I tap on the '+' next to the text line, it opens a menu with different options including draw, insert photo, take picture, send your current location, etc. I would have never explored this option if you hadn't posted this question. Thanks. I don't care what anyone in here says (don't worry DWW - I won't mention you), you're still an asset to the group. 😉
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you! I need the encouragement from time to time.

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