• Northern tissue just about makes me puke! It is natural to defecate in the washroom. We don't need to be told it is something bad so frog and alligator figurines or bird wallpaper want to turn away.
  • I hate the Zyppah guy.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      I just saw that commercial. That guy is irritating. And the captions assume the audience is stupid.
  • Any commercial that cranks up the sound when it comes on, I detest that and it makes me look upon that product unfavorably.
  • none of them since i dont watch tv
  • None. I never see commercials. Don't watch TV (except that Eagles game last night)(very rare)
  • J.G. Wentworth
      I kinda like those. But, then, I hardly ever see one of those.
  • This is played on YouTube so much its enough to make me ban YouTube..
  • My world is commercial free. I only watch Netflix and no TV. In my car, Sirius never has ads. I even have a YouTube ad blocker purchased.
  • the one where the animated box talks about pooping in a jar while (situation #1) people are sitting in a restaurant waiting for their dinner order to arrive (situation #2) people are in a kitchen preparing a meal. (product: cologuard) *** Note that I only watch one TV program on broadcast TV - Wheel of Fortune - and that it airs around dinner time, and that is when I see this commercial. *** REALLY doesn't do much for my appetite.
  • #1 worst is that disgusting song the pepto bismol commercial has, followed closely by has-been celebrities like Jimmy JJ Walker and Joe Namath trying to sell me Medicare insurance, followed closely by most political ads.
  • I don't like any commercials I use the mute button to shut off the noise. There are too many commercials on TV now and they are played over and over.
  • Liberty Mutual with the emu.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Any Liberty Mutual ad. Liberty Mutual pretends to be the psychic insurance company, they know what insurance I'll need. Really??
    • Linda Joy
      Psychics used to call on the phone. I would think, if they really are psychic they'd know I was going to hang up on them.
  • life insurance ones boring ..i mute many adds
  • Too many to count. I don't know which is worse, the ones that want you to call about Medicare benefits you may be missing out on or the political ads that make the opponent sound like a criminal with innuendos and half truths.
  • State Farm and Liberty Mutual with the emu
  • The Haribo ads. Haribo are sweets and the adults in the tv ad are talking in children’s voices. They are stupid ads.
  • J.g. Wentworth commercials. I hate them almost as much as I hate boy bands. I HATE boy bands!
  • HeadOn - apply directly to the forehead. HeadOn - apply directly to the forehead. HeadOn - apply directly to the forehead. I don't know why that repetition makes my skin crawl so fiercely, but I hate it with every fibre of my being. They never even tell you what the stupid product was supposed to do.
  • Rx commercials especially listing the disgusting side effects. Plus why advertise when its the physician who prescribes?
  • All of the drug commercials.
  • Geico and Statefarm

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