• You know when I was your age, about 11 years ago, my parents gave me all the freedom I wanted. Now that I'm 28 I wish they hadn't because now I realize that I wasn't mature enough then to handle the freedom. Thats not to say that you couldn't but trust me on this, its better to just deal with your parents trying to protect you from things your may be to young and ignorant to deal with on your own. I can say from experience its not worth it. Even though I'm in a good place now it took several years and hard work to pull myself out of the rut I put myself into. Again, you may be better than that but its not worth the risk. My advice to you is to just deal with it until you are no longer financially dependent on you parents. At that time you can truely tell them what you think without them having some thing hold over your head. At that point in time you will probably be mature enough to realize a mistake right infront of your face and be able to dodge it in a gracefully.
  • Yes you should have freedom and trust from your parents, but you need to remember to meet them half way! If they give you this trust and freedom make sure you show them the respect they deserve and obey their rules without complaining. :)
  • At 17 years old, you should have a hell of a lot more freedom then what you described to me. You should be graduating high school soon. If this was a serious question, I would suggest you take your freedom.
  • I'm 20 this June, I think you shouldn't be so selfish and listen to your parents then when you get out of the house you are your own person and should do whatever you feel is right. Even if they are holding you back they aren't going to be protecting you from anything you can't buy and smoke or drink later in life. I assume soon you are going to be turning 18 and getting out of the house why start struggling with all this now? Trust me anything you miss doing with your friends isn't going to set you back in life, some of the things you can do with your friends will though.
  • As frustrating as it is now, you will realize later, that they really ARE acting in your best interests. I'm 25 and still have to deal with some controlling issues with my mother, even though I don't live with her anymore. Try to remember that they're only doing it because they love you.
  • nearly seventeen means you are still sixteen. your parents are just trying to help you live a long and happy life. going to bed at nine pm, doesnt mean lights out, does it. and if it does it just means you will be up early rooting around for something to do. mornings are the best time of the day. you have lots of freedom. plus you have parents who love you and want the best for you.
  • Yes, you should have freedom, and you do have freedom. Your parents allow you to go to parties. Being strict is not a bad thing and going to bed early is actually very good for you.
  • My parents were very strict when I was your age, well, as long as I lived under their roof is how my dad used to put it. Like you, I wanted freedom and I felt it was unfair that I had to be home at 5 pm (no later or I was punished) for dinner and had to come home by 9 pm and the weekends were not any different. I wasn't allowed to see certain people and I wasn't allowed to do certain things...but I did anyway. I went out past my curfew, I wouldn't show up for dinner and hung out with whoever I wanted to. Where did it get me? Into a lot of trouble. I found myself getting into situations that I couldn't get myself out of. Now that I have teenagers (14, 16 and 17 year olds) at home, I am considered strict but I also compromise too. If you want more freedom, you have to prove to your parents that you're mature enough to make the right decisions. Invite your friends over to the house and let your parents see what type of friends you have. Be responsible with your school and chores and your parents may trust you more. Your parents mean well and they care about you but they fear what you might get yourself into so if you can calm their fears, you are more likely to get more than what you're getting.
  • OMG! ur 17! they really need to give u mutch more freedom! u should talk to them aboutit its soo not fair u have to go to bed at 9pm"!!!
  • Your parents are over protective. I am sure it's cause they want the best for you. Talk to them and tell them they have to trust you and let you develope healthy. No freedom leads to an idle mind and that could be worse than letting you go to a party...tell them to ease up!
  • i agrre with you ..but you shuld be truthful to your self
  • they shouldnt put you in a chokehole either. when you have kids you will totally understand
  • I think they are a little strict for your age. Don't get me wrong I can understand your mom calling up the parents of the party you may be attending. Some of these things are for your safety. Making a 17 year old go to bed at nine is a little excessive. Your almost 18 just hang in there. You will have some freedom soon
  • I agree with you. I can see why they'd call your friends' parents when you're at a party, but 9 P.M. is very early for a 16 year old. I don't know how you even get your homework done if you have to go to bed that early. I grew up with controlling parents myself, and I will tell you this: no matter how responsible you are, they won't alter their behavior, because being controlling is part of their personalities. Just try to be patient for now, and start looking for out of state colleges to attend!
  • I think your parents are doing the right thing now I will talk to them about the bed time but everything else they are doing right and you will see it later on in life.
  • fight for your freedom, silence is violence.
  • dont let you mom and dad tell you what to do you can do whatever you want who cares what they say
  • Yes, I do think you should have some freedom.

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