• If you get upset when he calls you those things and he doesn't stop, then, he doesn't care about you and it's all about control to him. You should leave him now before everything escalates. The guy is a nimrod douche. Well...yeah, that sounds about right.
  • this sounds mean but every time he calls you a name or makes fun of you joking or not call him baby dick and when he says something about it tell him im just joking. jokes are meant to be funny not mean and hurtful so let him see how it feels and maybe he'll stop.
  • You're not over reacting at all. He's an insensitive jerk who should appreciate you and show some respect for your feelings. If he doesn't care enough about you to do that, then he's not worthy of you. Go find someone who is ~ you'll be so much happier for it, if and when you do :)
  • Break it off. If he cannot show you respect now, what will it be like in a few years time? He doesn't want an equal, he wants a floormat. Is that what you want to be?
  • Please get rid of this guy. this is not normal, and he is a bad person. He will never stop this and you know it. Please leave him. I beg you. it will only get worse. You are not being fair to yourself. you deserve better!!!!!!!
  • You will never stop him...He sounds like he has issues with women and has probably treated previous partners the same way that he treats you. You need to leave him he neither loves you or respects you...if you do not leave him his behaviour will only get worse towards you and he could end up hitting you, you could also end up losing your self confidence and self esteem....leave him now the longer you leave it is the harder it will get for you.
  • this is a sign of verbal and emotional abuse!!! GET OUT
  • He is testing you to see if you will stand up for yourself or not. As long as you put up with it, he'll escalate. One day, you will be the scared mom in the corner of the ER with two black eyes, two crying kids and nowhere to go.
  • Find a new boyfriend....this one's a jerk!
  • Sounds to me like you are a VICTIM of Emotional and Mental ABUSE .... There is absolutely NO need for that kind of behavior ; especially from some idiot who professes to LOVE you ... I'd set his azz down and tell him how much you love him ... and , that IF he really loves you, that he will STOP the abuse right NOW . Further; tell him IF it contiinues , just ONE MORE TIME, that you are leaving ... for GOOD. Then follow thru ! You need to be with a REAL MAN , who will love you and treat you like a woman should be treated ...
  • i had this exact same problem! i hated it too! it hurts because you really like the guy. But i broke up with him because it was too much. i reckon you should try talking to him about it and tell him how you feel.
  • Okay,remember you asked for our opinion, if you put up with it, you are stupid in my opinion, if thats what you want, why b*tch about it?
  • Why do you want to stay with someone who treats you like that? You deserve a guy gives you compliments and shows love. You are not overreacting. You should let him know that the name calling hurts your feelings. If he doesn't care and refuses to stop, move on.
  • You aren't overreacting, your boyfriend is an asshole. I don't know why you'd want to stay in such a relationship.
  • 8-6-2017 You have lousy standards. The entire world expects a woman to demand better manners from her man, and you don't even know what better manners are. Get rid of this dope and take acting classes so you can learn new behaviors. Then go looking for a better man.
  • You should find someone who respects you and your feelings. First time a bf called me a 'ho' he'd learn IMMEDIATELY that's not acceptable! Second time he'd be watching me leaving!

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