• sure, whatever it takes to get your husband back.
  • You would end up a doormat for the rest of your life, no don't beg.
  • i think if your ex says that he is being quite demeaning towards you. its not very fair and he sounds spiteful. give him time to cool down and if he's willing to talk in a respectful i would try and work things out, if not just move on.
  • No. If he loves you and wants to be with you, he would be. You wouldn't need to beg him if he genuinely wanted to be with you and *cared* about you. If what your friend said is true (are you sure it is true?), then it's clear your husband just wants to play mind games and exercise control over you. Don't bite.
  • Of course not. Maybe this is just me but I don't think that anyone that wants to be worshipped is worth it.
  • NO. You are separated for a reason, has those issues been resolved? Now you have new issues. Why would you even consider, going back to a man that wants you to beg him for his love, that is sad. You deserve better than that, dont belittle your self that way. I guess I dont understand, how you can love someone that disrespects you. I wouldnt want to be with someone, that doesnt want me, It is hard to believe, that he loves you. You just want to believe it. :-)
  • No no no no nonononono a thousand times no. Your husband has already told you in his words and in his actions that he is not willing to do ANYTHING to work on your relationship. In what way is groveling going to help the situation? If you ask me, and you kinda did when you posted your question, this is your signal to get out. Get a lawyer. Do the paperwork. End it once and for all and get started on your new life. I am in a similar situation with a husband of 30 years who says he loves me yet does nothing substantive to demonstrate that love, so I am not pulling this answer out of thin air. Do not beg. It is beneath you. You may get your husband back, but he will respect you even less.
  • What person who truly loves you would WANT you to humiliate yourself like that? I think not.
  • Nope screw that,Plenty of fish in the sea, and if not its not that bad being single,anyone who would say that is playing games.
  • Move on and detach yourself from him.Find new interests. Give yourself time and you will feel stronger.This is a very unhealthy relationship for you. Not so bad for him. Rebuild your self-esteem and strike out into unchartered territories. Even if that only means a trip to the mall,library,a movie.Make plans with friends. If any start to tell you of his musings stop them and tell them you're not interested in hearing about him.And mean it. You have a new and exciting life waiting for you. Don't spend another minute dwelling on him or the past. God Bless. Life is to short to waste a moment.
  • I would try to get to the REAL root of the separation first. I don't know if you believe in the Bible or not, but it is this that would put an honest light on the context of your marriage. From the outside looking in , it sounds like your friend is encouraging a "triangle", which never leads to a lasting happiness but vengeance. Closure on whether you're going to work this out or not first should be determined.
  • The question is DO YOU WANT TO? Plus what sort of love is this?
  • No. Even if he loves you...or "admits" to loving you...this is not the man for you. A man who hears that you are unhappy and refuses to work on it..and not only that, feels that you have to somehow beg to be with him when he's done nothing to make himself worth being not the man for you...he's not the man for anyone, frankly. He has some growing up and changing to do. You deserve more. You deserve better. Get the divorce.
  • NO WAY!!!! If he loves you, then he will ask for your hand again. I say get rid of the BS mind-games and move on. Why humiliate yourself for someone who wants you to grovel at his feet? What an a$$hole!
  • Nope. Hellll no. He's on a powertrip and too prideful i wouldn't want to be with that. You give an inch he'll want a mile. Forget it.
  • Your a queen. Remember that ; )
  • men all say they love you and it's easily said but proving it is a different matter. Ask yourself this, what r u missing without him in your life. Ok the company etc but isn't that something you could probably get elsewhere. Be strong, you'll be fine
  • Heck no!! If you go back to him like that it gives him permission to act the way he did before, and there were obviously problem there. It takes two people to be in a complete marraige. you can do better!! You deserve better! trust in the universe, God, the powers in charge... to bring you through this whole and heathlier.
  • I think you should look out for you. Try not to let this get the best of you. Just remember, everything works out eventually. If it isn't meant to be, that's fair, now you can find what it is that your missing. If he loves you and you love him, than give him time. Just make sure your not cheating yourself.
  • Thats a tough one , I wonder what it is that YOU really want in your life right now. I am not an expert in this area, but I found a great website where you can go and talk to a therapist for free. It's FeelBetterNetwork. com and they have free online support groups, free tools, and an Ask An Expert feature, where you can talk to an expert therapist online. Hope this helps you!

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